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Living Authentically

What does Living Authentically mean to you?  Living your Authentic Self.  Sounds like a self help book and maybe it is.  I haven't read it, but I am very much learning about how to do this myself.  To me, it means living your life with integrity, treating people with respect, yourself with respect, and honoring your truths.  Doing things that make you feel fulfilled.  Which will typically affect those around you, raising them to a better energy level as well. 

Here's a few examples.  I was on the road all last week and traveled to dog shows in RI and MA.  Then I hung with my father, did readings for family at my aunts house and then attended a dog walk in Maine.  If you read the previous blog, the grumpypants woman did not appear to be living authentically.  She was doing things because they looked good and just like a kid praying Santa is watching, she thought it would get her on the "good list."  There's more to it than that, and because she was miserable it kind of negated the good intent she was shooting for.  Fail.  Not authentic.  He actions have potential to become authentic if she wants to make a huge shift in her thinking and actions!

I have a dear friend, Babs, who is in my life for some pretty spectacular reasons.  We met in 1998 and we have both gone through a lot of ups and downs since then.  For the past few years we've been on the ups though, taking in all the lessons being presented to us with humor and acceptance.  We chatted last week, and when we hung up we said "I love you."  When I called my aunt to thank her for such a fun aftrenoon with family, I told her I loved her.  And you know what?  I meant it.  I said it to my dad when I left his house.  And I meant it.  Fully.  Completely.  I said it two at least two other friends and it wasn't akward or ingenuine.  It feels different when you mean it.  It's authentic.  This is a huge revelation for me because love hasn't really been a priority for me, nor have I noticed it's absense as much as I am now that I'm embracing it. 

Finally, I am very aware of people who aren't really happy.  Why do they chose to live unsatisfied by life?  Who knows.  Fear of change, fear of being alone, fear that they don't have the strength to make changes.  What a dismal state to live in.  What if these people realized that they could live an authentic life and be happy?  And that they had the ability to do so?  Obstacles are typically not as large when you shift your perspective and WANT to find a way around them.  Watching these people interact you can see the energy get sucked out of not only them but those around them.  Maybe they're here to be a reminder to others what we do and do not want.  Huh.  I just realized that instead of thinking "Suckas!" I should thank them for allowing the darkness they throw to enhance the light in which I strive to live.  Just kidding.  I don't call them suckas.  But I am really glad I don't have to be them because I think life is fabulous.

I feel like I'm living my authentic life.  I am having so much fun, finding so much love, giving others comfort because I'm able to help them find their authentic self and I am reconnecting with things that are important to me.  And I am consiously living this way.  If you're still reading and grumbling "Who does she think she is?  She thinks she's SO much better than us.  Ridiculous"  Then you probably should reevaluate some things. 

Here's to happiness and authenticity!



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