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Life Lessons

Hello my friends!

I tell people all the time that we come here to learn lessons that will help our soul develop, and that the universe is so helpful it keeps giving us opportunities to "get it."  I've always been very up front in workshops when I say that one of my life lessons is family.  Well, I just got another opportunity to get it. 

My dad had hip surgery two weeks ago.  I went down for his surgery, and stayed at the hospital all day to be sure things went well.  A year ago I probably wouldn't have thought to go down for the day of surgery.  Shoot, two months ago I didn't think I would be there, but something in me clicked and I went down.  Can you imagine going through that alone?  It made me sad to think that could happen.  So I drove to MA that Sunday in a huge nor'easter so I could drive him in that Monday at the crack of dawn.  He did great, which did surprise me. Becuase another storm was predicted I had to get home a few days later to take care of my house and son, but by then I felt that he was being taken care of at the hospital (decode that to mean that he was so medicated I could tell him I was there and he'd never know....) and there really wasn't much I could do. So I left Tuesday  night and returned the following Tuesday.

Here's how I know I might have just made some progress in my lessons.  One, I had to empty his pee bucket in the morning.  GROSS.  Thank god it was only pee.  But I did it, and I didn't puke.  Gagged a little, but that doens't count.  For some reason the thought of it makes me all queasy and even catheter bags in the hospital almost make me pass out.  Stop laughing.  It's not funny.  The second thing I did was go to the grocery store, and ENJOYED buying food and the whole shopping experience. Then I spent the next few days getting his breakfast and lunch and helping his girlfriend either prepare dinner or do the dishes afterwards.  This is a big deal.  Sometimes when I'm in the house I grew up in I really am just thinking about when I'm going to leave.  This trip was actually fun.  Huh!

And then there's Littleton, MA.  I used to DREAD going into Donelans, the overpriced grocery store uptown.  We always called it uptown, but it could be downtown.  Who knows.  Anyway, in my 20 years since graduating high school I've avoided it like the plague.  I was glad to leave the town and had no desire to bump into anyone I knew on my brief trips home.  When my mom died 11 years ago, I really really dreaded it because I'm clearly  her daughter and I didn't really want to spook anyone (shocking, I know) or have that random person recognize me and start crying because they loved my mother and what a shame she's gone.  I actually made up excuses to go there this time!  Ok, Ok.  I wanted more of the cake like donuts with chocolate frosting that remind me of my childhood.  Interesting.  That alone could be progress.  Going back to some childhood stuff.  Go me!!!!!  I'm getting it!

And then there was just time spent hanging out with my dad.  Granted, he couldn't do much.  So we talked, I did readings and in between I'd come down for water and tell him a quick synopsis of what came up in them.  He knows I'm a psychic but he also thinks its spooky, crazy, and nutsy.  Yup.  And its my job.  I had my angel cards with me and pulled them for clients and for my dad.  And he listened to what they had to say.  Progress.  I'd never had offered to do it before but it was fun for both of us.  And then he asked me to pull some cards about specific questions.  What?!  He DID!  We communicated, on neutral territory, with our weapons tossed aside.  It was nice.  He'd get up to go from the family room to his temporary bed in the living room and I'd scream "hurry up!" as he plodded along with his walker supporting his weight. I laughed every single time at just how funny I found that. I watched TV with him and didn't cringe at what he chose.  And while I was there I didn't try to find an escape route, either.  I enjoyed my visit. We became a little closer.

And you know what else, now that I'm thinking about it?  I accidentally did a psychic reading for him.  My mom is always around me but it wasn't her that had a lot to say this time.  She usually gives me hell when I make poor choices and just reminds me that she loved my father and that I need to be gentle.  My face kept getting all tingly on the left side, like where the phantom of the opera mask would be.  But on the left side.  Finally it was driving me nuts so I asked who was there and my dad looke at the driveway and said "No one."  I said, "No, No, they're dead!"  To which I got a "Jesus Christ, Babes, what the hell are you talking about?"  It was Nonna, my dads mom, asking me why I never talk to her.  Apparently now that I'm talking to Angels she thought it was ok to talk to me.  Strict religioius beliefs can prevent some energies from wanting to talk to me, but she made it clear I should be letting him know she's around.   She made me uncomfortable enough that I HAD to tell him just to get her to leave my head alone! Then I got my great grandfather, Gramps, who is my dads grandfather.  I got to share things with him that they wanted to remind him of.  And he listened. 

Who knows where my lesson in family will go from here, but  since this visit I've said a few times that going down for the fourth of July with my son and dog would be a blast.  Not something I would have looked forward to before.  So high five to me!  And to my dad!  Because maybe we really are making progress with this life lesson stuff.  I hope so, because I plan on getting all this soon and then celebrating it!  Before I go, you know what I just realized?  I am supported by my family.  Not necessarily just my biological family, but the people who've taken me in as theirs.  They know who they are.  But feeling safe and loved and encouraged makes a huge difference.  So they get a high five as well.  And a thank you.  HUGE thank you!

Lots of love to you and my dad.  And to those of you who are my family.


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