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Life is Good

Hello everyone!  I know you've been checking in to see if I've posted anything in the past few days and I'm happy to say I think I had a "real" weekend!  I gardened a little, read a book cover to cover, did absolutely nothing while laying on my hammock, and even tried to watch some TV.  Anyone who knows me now knows that I don't watch tv in my house.  I may watch it at theirs, but I have no cable so it's pretty much Pandora radio and netfilx.  And I usually just stick to the music.

I do want to tell you about some amazing things that have happened in readings this past week.  First, I did a party for some amazing women.  Most of them have "seen me in action" and knew what to expect.  I always wonder if I'll have anything to relay to them.  I'm the same person who worries if I'll remember how to get off the chairlift my first time skiing each year.  And I've been skiing for over 35 years!  Well, I had stuff to pass on!  It just amazes me how it all works.

I close my eyes, get images, hear things, see members of my own family as a frame of reference, and words just start rolling off my tongue.  I don't always get to really experience it myself if I'm in a trance like state.  If I'm being what they call a "medium."  At that point I'm just channeling and my brain is checked out.  I had people's angels, guides, loved ones on the other side, animals and God show up.  I got to answer questions about what it's like in Heaven, what it's like when someone is stuck between here and there and how to help them fully cross. 

One of my favorite people to chat with on the other side is John Sweeney.  He went for a walk and never came home 7 years ago.  There was much speculation as to what happened, and although I knew him and his wife, Frodo, in passing, I didn't KNOW them.  Until I did a party three years ago and he came through for her.  So I did what any curious psychic would do, and went out with two other psychics and dug for him where he said his body was.  Yup.  We took shovels and dug.... And the next day the rain came, flooded out the area, and we had to stop.  He also decided it wasn't quite time for him to be found, so we honored his request and never went back. 

Frodo is one of the  most amazing and strong women I know.  She has faith, she has intuition, she has supportive friends who adore her, and she is open to whatever comes through.  That last part makes my job very easy!  I like to just tell you what I get, and I'm not in the business of convincing you that I'm right.  That's not how I operate.  Anyway.  This time John started messing around with me on my drive to the party.  He was SOOOOO excited to talk about the party/event/closing ceremony he asked her to plan the last time I saw her.  Oh!  I forgot to mention, they found his remains this fall while searching for Abigail Hernandez.  So she is finally getting closure. And this closure is much needed but now more a formality, because she's at peace with it, and because he's ready to have us celebrate his life, Frodo's, and whoop it up! 

Ok.  Back to John.  At the party, I was walking to the living room and had a glass of water in my hand.  It pretty much got knocked out of my hand and I spilled most of it.  Ten minutes later, I was sitting still, and it happened again.  Apparently John was tired of waiting for his turn.  He was never a super talkative guy, but that night he wouldn't stop!  It was awesome.  Almost everything he brought up was totally relevant to what Frodo had been doing or wondering about.  Then, out of the blue, he announces (through my words) that "She (pointing at me) can do funerals and she should do the talk."  WHAT???  I think my eyes snapped open because it just seemed so strange for someone to be putting me on the spot like that.

Frodo's answer was that she and John had already "discussed that" and that she would love for me to do that.  I am beyond honored.  Later that night I asked her what she'd like me to say, and her answer was, "I'm sure John will tell you.  You can say anything you'd like."

Wow.  Gives me goosebumps.  20 years ago I never would have guessd I'd have my dream job.  And now I do.  I just took a deep breath in and am fully appreciative of all the things going on around me. 

Lots of love to you all.


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