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Let Your Light Shine

I had mentioned to a few of you that the intensity of readings is escalating above your basic "what does my dog want to tell me" readings.  I do love those, but some of you are crossing paths with people like me who are here to remind you that you have a light within you that needs to shine!  I'm going to try to explain this but I have to say, beyond what comes through in readings it's not anything I've ever give much thought to.  So I'm going to close my eyes and let the words come from wherever it is they come from when I do a reading.  Ready?   Let's go!

Are you one of the people who has been feeling unsettled?  Like you know you're here for SOMETHING, but what the hell is it?  Why is there this feeling of hurry up and wait?  What are you really supposed to be doing?  And are you doing it?  Why have you been given a gift of knowing your own abilities to heal or send love, or to do readings, or to help people.  What's the point? 

I described this feeling to a client by comparing them to a soldier who has been deployed for too  long, never seeing any battle, but constantly preparing and practicing.  They know there is a reason for the training but to hold that mental state with no end in sight or no knowledge of what's next is exhausting.  After a while the normal human reaction is to give up or want to bail.  Why stay if you're not being used for what you're capable of.  I also compared this to the main character in a Prayer for Owen Meany, written by John Irving.  I loved that book the first time I read it and laughed out loud throughout the entire thing.  If you've read it, you know what I"m talking about.  If you haven''t, hit the library and check it out. 

Where was I?  Oh right, the hurry up and wait feeling that many of you are experiencing is totally normal.  I feel like there are millions of you, all out there scattered across the world, who are being told it's time to SHINE.  For many people with formalized religions you have been told that God shines his light on us.  Yes, he does.  But what if I told you that you are actually a piece of God and that you have that same light within your very essence, within your soul, and entertwined in every fiber of your being?  If you just said "That is how I feel!" then you are one of the people who needs to really understand what is being asked of you.  You need to shine this light, from the center of your being, and allow it to expand out of you, then allow it to shine out of you towards the outter limits of our earth, and then direct it North.  I have no idea why I'm being told North, but every time it's either North to the North Pole or to the North Star. 

Why are some of you feeling so beaten down, and like negativity is just sticking to you and trying to smother you?  Well, holding this light is a big job and they want to be sure you're up for the challenge!  Now when I say that don't get mad at the universe.  This is one of the things you're here for, and you do have all of the tools to do it successfully.  You are just being tested.  Or, you can look at it in a much more positive light.  You are being reminded that you are brighter and more powerful than any negativity being presented to you.  Yeeee Hawwwww!  Celebrate that!  Reread that line again!  You are being reminded that you are brighter and more powerful than any negativity being presented to you. 

When you encounter negativity, take a deep cleansing breath.  I go from the top of my head, and let it flow through me.  Then take another breath and imagive a brilliant light starting in your center, getting brighter and brighter, until you know it is outshining everything around it.  If you're competitive, this isn't the time to be.  Lol!  You're not trying to over shine your neighbors, but you want to illuminate the world by combining your light with all of the others doing the same.

Why is this happening?  That's a question I don't like to think about, because being human means I have family here and this is home.  So here is the answer I'm comfortable with- for now.  The world is in a huge state of flux.  Things are shifting quickly, including the very earth we walk on.  Our belief systems have to shift.  We need to want each and every one of us to succeed, not deem some of us better than others.  We need to do what is in the collectives best interest and do it because it is the right thing to do.  Don't get stuck on the details of what that means. 

With this huge shifting comes the opportunity for a lot of souls to leave this world fairly quickly.  Planes filled with people going missing, mud slides, car accidents with multiple fatalaties, wars, etc.  Our light needs to shine so bright that those souls can easily go home.  Shine it for them!  This may not be the end all be all reason, but for me it clicks with me and it's something I can wrap my head around. 

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