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I've Come a Long Way

I had a friend once who made me learn all the lyrics to this song.  Just in case the link doesn't work:

It was an interesting time in my life....  It was fun yet bizarre, even for me!  It was a time of my life when I was 100% present, unclouded by much as I became closer with this very odd new friend.  The memories are just memories now.  But when I hear this song I only remember the good things and the negative or frustrating aspects seem to fade into the background.

Is that what time does?  Maybe.  It makes things bearable.  It makes memories seem perhaps shine in a more positive light.  You forget why you hated, you were angry, you were resentful when the friendship ended.  There may be flickers of the shadows lurking in the memories but we tend to chose to focus on the light moments.

This song is a reminder to me that I had the opportunity to move forward.  Taking with me a new perspective and more.  But that's for me to know. It's my bog, and I get to keep some things close to my heart.   What the hell?  Don't look too deep into that.  There's no hidden message.  I am just sitting here remembering how there was a time when this song would come on and I'd have this urge to show them that I had taken the time to learn all of the words.  To  in some way prove to them that I was very aware of what they were asking of me and me wanting to jump through that hoop to show them that they had my undivided attention. 

Now when I hear it I am reminded of how much fun that time actually was.  But when you look at things from the perch of many years later, the view is quite different.  I am able to listen and see it from the safety of my current life.  A life that 15 years ago wasn't quite imaginable.  Now I rock out with my son in the kitchen and dance to Frank Sinatra.  Or Lady Gaga.  Or Pitbull.  And when he's grown I will look back and chose to focus on the memories that bring me joy. 

This song brings me joy now.  I thank that friend from many years ago who made me even learn the part that's in a different language.  Lol!  I still, to this day, have no idea what language it is, but I know it was one she was familiar with and so because it meant something to her I appreciated it for simply that alone. 

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