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How to do a Clearing

I have had some pretty crazy and intense experiences with energy in my house.  One time I could feel this mans energy walking towards my room from the hallway.  I could "feel" him creeping towards my room and I'd wake up from a sound sleep all sorts of freaked out.  One time it was so bad I debated leaving for the night but my son was in his crib and I figured that waking him up would have been even more disruptive, so I asked for my angels and mother to keep us safe.  The next day my mentor did a clearing for me while I was on the phone with her, and as I was telling her about how scary it felt I could feel the negative energy building.  Unfortunatley fear is a great fuel for that, and I was afraid! My pictures and things hanging on the wall began to shake as if there was an earthquake.  I had seen stuff like this in movies, but never in my own house.  Nor do I ever want to see that again, acutally!  She talked me through the clearing process and my house has never again felt that way. 

So how do you energetically clear a room?  To begin you have to protect yourself by calling in your higher powers; this can be angels, guides, God, etc.  I like to say "I only allow those of God's love and light into my space and into my life."  I imagine white light flowing through me and around me, expanding into whatever space I'm in.  Then I set the intention to release any spirits that are hanging around into the light and tell them that they have to go home.  Another mentor of mine told me that they are really just lost, and they think that I'm the light.  It's my job to lovingly- but firmly- tell them they have to go. 

If I feel like lighting sage, I'll light it and walk through my house, blowing or fanning it out towards the windows.  Be careful that you don't blow the embers everywhere!  You can put them in a fireproof bowl or large beach shell.  I have an old bowl that I typically use.  As you walk around, invoke your protection.  This is where I say "I only allow those of God's love and light into my space and into my life."  I vary my approach depending on what or who I'm clearing.  I have a Native American rattle that I use when I need to call in the big guns to assist me.  I walk in a circle and call in my higher powers.  Then I take sea salt and water (I usually have that mixed before I even begin) and I walk through the space while dipping my fingers into the salt water and flick it towards the windows, corners and pretty much where ever I'm drawn to.  I repeat my mantra and I tell any lost spirits or those who are stuck here to go up to the light. I may say something like "Everybody out!  Up!  Go up and out!  You have to go, go to the light!"  Now I know that sounds a little "witchy" as I write it, but it works for me!

Sometimes I'll envision a thick column of light leading them all the way up to the sun or stars.  I tell them to go, be free, to go up.  And that they are no long welcome in my space.  This is where you need to stand your ground.  If an energy doesn't want to go you may feel a little resistance.  It's non negotiable, and you are reclaiming your space.  They have to go.  Send them up and towards the light.  If they flat out refuse I ask for someone they loved while they were alive to stand at the end of the other side and invite them over.  This could be a person or animal, and they almost always go when they see them!

After I do this in all the rooms I usually either do the rattle and walk counter clockwise or burn a little more sage or  sweet grass.  You can buy braids of it and the smell of it reminds me of summer nights.  Sigh.  I do love even the thought of it as I type!  Because I'm an empath I can "feel" the house is lighter and quieter after a clearning.  When I'm done I ask that the space be protected and sealed.

What do you do if you don't want to smoke the place up?  Just imagine it!  Intent, in my opinion, trumps all else.  If you are intending to clear the space then cleared it will be.  Do you have to follow this to the letter?  Not at all!  Do what feels right for you.  I drink a lot of water and flush things out of me when I'm done.  LIterally and figuratively!  LOL!  That may be too much information but I know that it's my way of releasing whatever I take on during a reading or clearing. When in doubt, you can always ask someone to clear it for you.  It's not something I specialize in, but Kathleen Stone is who I'd recommend. I really do think that if you're still reading this you have the ability to do it on your own though!

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