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Helping them Cross

Last night I was part of a gallery reading at Terry's Uniques in Cornish and had such an amazing experience I almost couldn't wait until the morning to share it!  This is the second time this has happened and I'm embarassed to say I can't remember if the first time was during a one on one reading or group session.  But both were profound.

One of the women asked to talk to two uncles, both were veterans.  I closed my eyes and saw them, and one got clearer in my mind.  Then I saw an image of a bomb or mine blowing up, bodies flying.  Just like in the old pictures I've seen see of war.  And this is where it got intense.  I saw a line of mostly young men, all in uniform, holding thier dog tags and asking us to help them cross.  The two uncles were holding the dark green or black military combat hats upside down.  The soldiers would walk up to the men, who stood as pillars, drop their tags in the hat, say their name and be ready to cross over to the other side.  One in particular kept telling me his name and that he was from New Jersey, but because my eyes were closed and I was just the channel I can't remember his name.  But someone from the event must remember, because he was persistent!

I was not the only psychic in the room.  Kathy Cossette and Christine Wetherall were both there as well, and they began hearing the names and would say them as the men stepped forward.  When I help someone cross I see a brilliant yellow light open up and the energy goes through.  They often cross willingly but for some who didn't chose to go the first time they may still need a little convincing that it's really ok and ideal for them to take the help and cross over completely.  Because there were so many energies asking for us to help them go, when they were ready we filled the room with white light and helped them all ascend at once.  It was intense.  I kind of wonder if the non psychics thought we were nuts but for us who really saw and felt it all happen it was an unforgettable and rewarding thing to be a part of. Rewarding isn't the word I want.... blessed, spiritual, fantastic, surreal, etc.  Maybe the word I wan't doesn't exist.  huh.

My hope is that today the families of those souls wake up with some peace in their hearts. Last night a lot of lost soldiers from a few different wars made it to the heavens, and we helped them find their way.  Amazing.

Sending you, the families and the soldiers lots of love.


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