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I rarely watch TV.  Friday night I had put Z to bed and thought I'd turn it on to kill a little time before heading up myself.  What caught my attention was a woman wearing an intriguing green dress.  It was Barbara Walters who was about to launch into a 2 hour 20/20 special on Heaven.  So much for an early bedtime because I stayed up until the final 10 minutes when they were talking about hell...

I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  I talk to dead people.  I talk to dead mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, unborn children, grandparents, friends, suicide victims, angry dead people who have finally realized they're stuck between worlds, people I've met and others who come through for clients.  When I get chills I know someone is near me.  It's my choice, thank goodness, to close my eyes and talk to them or tell them to go away.  Very rarely does someone keep pestering me if I say no, so when that happens I typically end up listening because if they're trying that hard I figure I should hear them out.

Where are they when I talk to them?  I call it heaven.  Usually.  Heaven to me is right here, but in a different dimension.  There is a book called The Shack that I read a year or two ago.  It's about a man whos child is abducted and murdered, and he goes to the shack they found the body.  In a surreal dreamlike journey he meets God.  Who shows up as a big black woman cooking him breakfast.  When he does get to see his daughter, she shows up behind a waterfall.  So he can see her, but she's not quite tangible.  It's like staring at hot pavement and seeing the heat rippling up.  What are you seeing, really?  It's heat.  But its wiggly and you know its there.  Thats kind of how I see heaven.

What happens when you die?  I have seen a few different things happen when I ask someone who's crossed how it all went down.  Or up.  Hahaha.  They go up, so that's sort of a funny expression now that I type it!  Some people who have dimensia often take trips to the other side while their body remains captive here.  They are affecting all of the loved ones watching the process, so it's not an unworthy ending.  Everyone is learning from it.  They just get to go on vacation so they don't have to suffer as much as the people watching do.  A nice little gift they've given themselves when they agreed to that kind of final chapter.  What happens when someone is brain dead and family is watching?  Again, I've seen a variety of things, but here's what I see a lot.  They have already stepped out of their body and are standing next to you, watching, arms around you, giving you strength or love.  Thanking you for letting them go.  Grateful to be free.  What about people, like my mom, who die with an explosive force such as a car accident or getting hit by a car?  A lot of them kind of get shot out of their bodies before they even feel the impact.  Like flicking a bug off your hand.  One quick and powerful movement, a release.  Freedom before the pain.  The body still has to die, but they might not be here to experience that part of death.

Some people are very present through the whole death process.  That may be why they are here, simply to die.  To see what its like to be let go, or to fight death.  I did a reading for a woman who miscarried at about 4 months pregnant.  The energy that came into her belly came to experience the moment of conception.  The flash of light, like looking at the sun the second before it arrives at the edge of the horizon. The view from the space shuttle when the sun creates an unending line of light along the edge of the world.  That moment was what it wanted.  It felt the love, the power, the intensity of being conceived.   That child/energy came to life for that one moment, then understood what it was like to be one hundred percent enveloped by love.  It made an early exit, but I guarantee you that its short existence was exactly what its soul needed in this lifetime to evolve.

Ok, so there's lots of ways to die.  So what happens when you get to "heaven?"  When I see someone who is getter ready, I see angels around them.  If the time isn't super close, the angels have their heads down and their arms folded, standing slightly behind them, waiting for the time they are ready to cross.  When the angels are looking up or are standing alongside the person I'm talking with, I know death is close.  When they do go, I see the angels at the entrance to heaven.  I don't really see the huge shiny gates, although I have if that's what the persons belief is.  I usually see the angels guiding them up, and all of the people and animals they've ever loved are waiting in a huge line or mass of people, like the verizon commercial.  When the soul enters, they are often enveloped by the people, and they often lower their head and kind of enter a different level of consciousness as they begin a whole new journey of processing their death and then eventually how they lived their life.  Sort of a college level course on humanity and if they did everything they set out to do.  And if they didn't, why? 

I have chatted with people who have committed suicide.  A new client asked me if her son was OK and saw him on the outskirts of heaven, sitting in front of an easel painting it but not IN it.  I was stunned.  I asked her how he had died and she said he shot himself.  He was very content, but not IN heaven.  He was able to see it, but he wasn't ready to process why he chose to end his life early.  When he's ready he will.  He's one of my favorite "people" to talk with and I wish I had known him while he was alive.  He's a handsome, funny and loving energy.   We refer to him as Adonis, actually!   I've had others who immediately cross to heaven after suicide because their death was to teach others a lesson.  A painful lesson, but one they needed to learn.  What happens to someone who commits suicide varies and could be a book in itself. 

How do they come back?  A lot of people love to come back to check in on us or just say hi.  If you're not honoring your life path they might get a little pushy.  Like my mother....  The easiest way for energy to contact us is through energy sources.  Lights may dim, flicker, or light bulbs may blow.  Radios may go fuzzy or channels may change.  TVs may turn off.  Volumes may fluctuate.  You may feel a pressure change in your ears or you may get the chill and goosebumps that I'm very familiar with.  Please know that your loved ones are safe and if you're open to it, most of them want you to know they're saying hi!

Whew.  That's a lot to take in, huh?  I love the special on heaven because they talked to all different religious leaders and most of them have the same underlying theme of there is a higher power.  I don't have as many rules for mine, but I do believe it exists.  I think we chose to come here, and we're all learning or struggling with what our soul needs to evolve.  To raise the collective consciousness of our human race.  I'm not afraid of death.  I'm not looking to go any time soon, either, because I'm really getting into the hang of living and have some fun times on my horizon.  Plus, who else would be crazy enough to tell all this to you?  I said on my radio show a few weeks ago I'm not here to convince or convert.  I am here to get you thinking, however. 

Before I go, I want to tell you about those people who are sort of the walking dead.  Don't be one of them....  When a loved one dies, you get to live.  What a gift.  There are those miserable people and they are living in hell.  I was cut off by a guy while driving along the strip in Old Orchard Beach a few weeks ago.  There was traffic, it was hot, he was miserable and pissed.  He was so angry I thought, "Wow.  Thats hell."  I do believe hell is right here.  There are some people who have come into this world to live in it.  Can they get out of it?  I think so.  How?  Chosing to live.  But then again, without them being so miserable, would we ever really be inspired to chose to live life fully?  Think about that.  Is there someone in your life that is just one of those irritating splinters in your foot?  You could dig it out, which would hurt for a minute or two, but what sweet relief an hour later when its gone.  Sorry.  I don't know where I was going with that.  Live in heaven on earth.  Celebrate your loved ones who have made it to the one behind the waterfall.  Send love to the ones living in a hell.  They need it.  And it might just actually help you on your journey, as well!

Thanks for listening. Again, take what you like, toss what you don't.  And share this with anyone who might just need a little reminder that their loved ones are fine on the other side.... and stock up on back up light bulbs if you start talking to yours- they might just start answering with an undeniable intensity!



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