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Hate Mail

I think when you get hate mail it means you've made it!  I can't really put the email I got today in the hate mail category, but someone was clearly ticked that I suggested that a listener (I was on 94.9 WHOM) let their cat outside.  I appreciate feedback of any kind.  It helps me learn and grow.  Sometimes feedback is biting, sometimes it's not fun to read, sometimes you get it and think, "Wow.  That makes no sense to me!" 

This email had a little bit of each of those categories.  I totally understand that when we let an animal go outside we increase it's risk of becoming part of a food chain.  I had friends, years ago, who kept getting new cats when the old ones were hit by cars on their busy road.  I was outraged!  Another friend would have cats disappear, probably to fisher cats, I have always had cats that were both indoor and outdoor creatures.

I am an indoor and outdoor creature.  Tell me to stay inside on the first warm day of spring and I'll find a way to get out.  Tell me that some of the activities I enjoy could cost me my life, and it's a risk I'll weigh and there's a really good chance I'll take the risk.  My kitty, Casper, was a feral cat.  I adopted him before he froze to death in a cement floored garage two Octobers ago.  I had him neutered, so he can't reproduce.  I have kept him up to dates on his shots and I LOVE when he decides he wants to spend a night indoors with us.  Those nights are far and few between during the warm summer months.  He'll come around, eat, say hello, leave me some dead rodent gifts, then sit blissfully on the deck or disappear into the woods. 

When he comes home I cradle him like a baby and can tell by the smell of his paws where he has been wandering.  Sometimes he smells like pine pitch.  Or horse barn.  Or dirt.  Or like cologne of the creepy old man who lives next door.  Either way, I celebrate each time that he has returned.  I'm also psyched that he's getting to live his life and honor his wild roots.  Even when he's inside, he chooses to scale my son's bunkbed and tucks himself into a corner beside the pillow.  I can only imagine the fun he's having when he's outside!

So before I go, I'll paste the link that tells you why you should keep your cat indoors.  I honestly don't care what you chose to do.  I would like to think that you are wise enough to neuter or spay your cat so that we aren't contributing to the overpopulation problem.  I am all for being passionate about a cause.  Right now I'd rather fight the ridiculous grocery prices in the MWV than argue if my cat should be kept inside or not. 

Enjoy and goodnight!  Here's the link:

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