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Happy Mother's Day!

Since it's Mother's Day and I just snuck some ice cream as my son finished up a show, I thought i'd write about my mom and a few things that are on my mind.  To begin, here are some of my memories of my mom:

-  Mom LOVED ice cream!  She'd go down to the basement and bring a spoon.  It took us a while to finally realize she was chowing on ice cream in the down stairs freezer.  This lesson has not been lost on me and I carry a spoon every where just in case...

-  We'd go to kimballs ice cream in Westford, MA, and mom would bring a baggie with a wet face cloth in it and trays for us to put our bowls on.  This is another life lesson that has paid off.  Brilliant!

-  Mom was wearing a bandana once and cleaning brush around the yard and someone caller  her "Sir."  She was so mad!!!!  Funny because she was so feminine....

-  Mom used to run or walk pretty much every day.  I ran with her a few times and I remember getting honked at.  She said that never happened when she ran alone.

-  Sunday afternoons we'd have a big dinner, and in the warmer months hot air balloons would land in the field by our house.  We'd leave dinner and return to find it chilled but just as good.

-  Mom painted my face (put on makeup) for my proms, and it felt so uncomfortable I washed it off both years.  And Junior year I made prom court much to the dismay of the cooler kids who thought thery were more deserving.  Meh.  I didn't really care either way!

-  I just used two of my moms buttons (she has a tin of them) for two low cut sundresses I bought.  She taught me that when you sew on buttons you use a paper match to make sure the button isn't too tight. 

-  I remember my mom swimming laps while our dog Lucy ran back and forth along the pool deck.  Once Lucy fell in!  Shocked them both.

-  We grew up in Concrod MA and I remember watching the planes fly in and out of Hanscomb.

-  Every year on my birthdya mom told me this story.  It was super cold, totally blue sky the day she went into labor.  Right as they were leaving the house, my dad said, "shhhhh!  Hear that?"  She said, "What?"  "It's quiet.  It's the last time we'll hear that." And then when she came home fron the hospital and everyone was there she peed her pants.  I'm not sure if that was true or not....

-  Mom would wake me up to watch Mork and Mindy if dad wasn't home.

-  The three little pigs escaped from the farm behind my childhood  home when I was three, and mom woke me up to see them.   That doesn't happen every day!

-  In college my mom would send me blueberry buckle every fall.  Damn it was good....

-  She'd hide little chocolate eggs all over the house, and usually the cat or dog found them first.

I guess that's enough for now.  I could go on and on... I miss you mom!  Happy Mother's Day! Sorry about the years I wasn't so nice....  There were a few.... I understand now how much those years hurt now that I'm a mom myself!



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