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You know what?  I love what I do. I love seeing people's reactions to the messages that come through for them.  I love that sometimes they receive messages that may shift the way they think about something.  For the better.  So they enjoy life a little bit more, or feel more at peace with something that has been previously perceived as a challenge.

I have had a great start to the summer!  I have body surfed in a 56 degree ocean (thanks to some generous man who thought I really deserved a turn on his boogie board), I have swam in a much warmer local lake, I have danced to music while having fun with friends, played frisbee, football, freeze tag and smack the mosquito (yes, a North Country game of sorts), and done some amazing readings for some incredible people.  I have also taken some time to sit in my house with music blasting and red beet staining my hands while preparing dinner. 

I am also feeling the nudge to get writing and finish my books that have been started but never finished.  I am so looking forward to the day that I get to say I'm a publihsed best selling author.  It's coming.  I can feel it.

Until then, I will enjoy all of the moments between now and then.  Because they are really the stories that define who I am and create the chapters yet to be written.  These days in betweeen could be a chapter, or a book.  I won't know until I have hindsight staring me in my rear view mirror.  That is when clarity will be at it's finest. 

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