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Good things happening

Hello all!

Thought I'd just check in and say thank you to all the people and animals I met this weekend.  Friday I did a fun past life regression private party with readings for everyone there. Saturday I was at Conway Pet Quarters, who was so wonderful in promoting the event and gave out free goodie bags to the people who came for readings.  Sunday I taught a great group how to be more open to communicating with animals followed by 18 readings.  I think I have the best job ever!

Everyone always asks if doing reiki or giving readings makes me tired.  I'm happy to say it doesn't.  My voice was tired Sunday afternoon and I got a little too emotionally involved when chatting with a few of the dogs from the Buxton puppy mill rescue.  I have been working on making sure I protect my energy when I work, but sometimes the harsh reality of what some animals have been through can stick with me if I'm not careful. 

I also had a new experiences this weekend.  I was doing a reading for someone who wanted to know why her cat would suddenly go from sound asleep to attacking her.  I pictured her and saw sort of jagged things on her.  It took me a minute to fully decode what I was seeing, because it was new to me.  Her energy looked sort of like the heat waves you see coming off the pavement but it was all broken up.  I realized that she had a negative energy that was tagging along with her, drawing from her positive energy and light.  She said that for three months she's been feeling "funky" and run down, and that is when her cat started attacking her.  I'm pretty sure the cat was seeing whomever or whatever was leaching from her.

So food for thought.  It's important to keep your energy yours, and protect it from the negativity that could attach to it.  You can do this by smudging you and your space with sage or incense.  Taking ocean salt dissolved in water, dipping your fingers in it and "flicking it" in the corners, in front of windows and doors while saying that only "Good and God (or whatever feels right to you) is allowed in your space" can also clean up the energy.  I have been reminded to take care of me and make sure that I use these and other tools before I open up and check in with both animals and people. 

I am looking forward to more fun adventures this week!  Take care and enjoy.



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