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Going to the Light

My dear friend Suzanne lent me a book by Mayr Ann Winkowsky called When Ghosts Speak.  I'm pretty sure I've read parts of it before, but last night I got totally sucked in and am fascinated by her process!  She is the woman that the tv show Ghost Whisperer is based on and she can actually SEE "earth bound spirits."  These are the ghosts and spirits that haven't fully crossed to the other side, either because they didn't want to at first or they have just died and are about to transition over.  She says that the ghosts are mingled in with the living and she can tell that they're not alive because of their clothing, which may be from a different time period, or because they realize she can see and hear them and they approach her


It doesn't work like that for me, thank God.  That would totally freak me out!  I can sense when there are spirit around but I don't actually SEE them.  Because of this it took me a bit to realize that I was actually psychic, because I didn't realize there were different way to feel/hear/sense/see them.  When they want to get my attention and I'm busy living my real life, I'll get a whoosh of goosebumps or my ears will get wonky like I've gone up or down a hill.  Sometimes the focus is more on my right side, which usually means it's a female energy.  If it's more on my left, it's a male.  If the chills are on the back of my head I think they're trying to tell me to pay attention to my surroundings and maybe it's not a spirit but my guides trying to talk to me.  I haven't had a lot of success formally meeting my guides, so that's still evolving. 

When someone comes to me and asks who is around them or in their house, I close my eyes and tune in to how my body feels.  Then I see images in my head and my body feels what they felt near or at the end of their life.  Actually, yesterday my hands did something funky and my fingers twisted a little, and the client said that her fathers fingers were paralyzed and looked exactly like that!  So usually they help me decode who they are by giving me some undeniable physical characteristics to help you acknowledge them.  Another person they asked about was dead, and they only gave me his first name.  I instantly had a strange feeling in the base of my throat kind of between my collar bones.  I wanted to swallow but I couldn't, and I could feel blood dripping down and almost choking me.  They validated that he had died in an ATV accident and it made total sense.

I don't actually see these people, but I can sense them.  It makes no different to me if they've recently passed or if they've been gone many hundreds of years.  Energy is energy and they actually all feel alive, which can make things very confusing!  There is an exception, and reading last night I was very aware of some things that I do exactly like the author.  When a spirit is in the gray area, not fully crossed and not alive, their energy is very low.  These are who I believe are the earth bound spirits she was referring to.  I can tell they are around, but because their vibration is so low I have a hard time "hearing" them.  Again, that's not quite the correct word, but it's close.  What I do in this case is ask them if they'd like to go to the light.  Why didn't they go to begin with, you ask?  Well, if they were busy bodies in life they may want to have stuck around to see the aftermath of their departure.  If they were so loved and the community or their family begs for them to stay, they may.  There is no blame for this statement.  Once they realize in a reading that when we send their loved one fully over they will be much more able to communicate with them and receive messages from the other side.

When I am ready to help someone cross, I imagine a bright yellow circle of light, about 6 or 7 feet off the ground, usually to my right (although now in my office I moved my chair and I send them out above my window to my left) and I make sure it's only a one way portal.  This is the light that you see Jessica Love Hewitt's character talk about in the TV show.  Mary Ann described exactly the same experience, which I think is so cool!!!  If the spirit is ready and willing, they may simply walk through it or float through it, tumble like a gymnast, or walk up imaginary stairs.  A lot of the older people seem to be carrying old fashioned suitcases like they're boarding a train, which is really cool.  At galleries it's the most amazing thing because every single time military people always line up and cross over en masse.  I have no idea why, but they do.  And it's incredible.  They usually have one ghost holding an upside down helmet and as the soldiers drop their dog tags into it they say their name and where they are from.  It's emotional for me and for them, but they get to go fully to the light with the recognition they deserve.

The other day when a clients mom crossed, she stopped short of the yellow light and said, "OH!  I need my  purse!"  Her daughter burst out laughing and said that her mom always had her bag with her and that was totally what she'd have said!  I never ask if I'm right in a reading, but validation every now and then really is nice.  If someone is reluctant to go to the light I will ask one of their loved ones to meet them.  If they had a miscarriage or lost a child they are usually the first to step up.  If they had a pet, they'll greet them, too.  That is a sure fire way to get someone to cross over with joy and peace!  Once they go through it I pretend to wipe the light away, like I'm smoothing over frosting.  As soon as they hit that other side I get a whoosh of goosebumps and feel their energy recharging.  It's pretty amazing.

There are definitely times that ghosts don't want to go and they enjoy wreaking havoc, but I'll save that for the next blog.  I don't really like those kinds of clearing and if they put up much of a fight I refer people to my friend Kathleen Stone, who is the enforcer!  She can clear a space like nobody's business and is exceptionally good at what she does. 

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