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God's Dry Erase Board

I had an interesting reading this morning with a woman who had lost a friend recently.  She wanted reassurance that she was alright, although she knew deep down that she was.  But there was that sense of not really knowing what happens when you die that left a tinge of fear.  Here's how it was explained to her.

Everything we do gets written down on a huge white dry erase board.  Lots of people fear that when they get to the pearly gates or face "God" he's going to judge them based on what's on this board.  Instead, imagine if that board gets totally wiped clean and then it's up to YOU to write the big things that need to be addressed.  You won't be in this physical shell, you won't have ego or pressure to list the "right" answer.  You will simply be asked what were the biggies that need to be processed a little more for your soul to acknowledge the lessons learned in this lifetime.  What happens after that is not for you to worry about right now.

I have my own beliefs on what happens, or how karma works.  But sit with the thought of the dry erase board.  What would you put on it?  What do you want to erase?  How can you find peace with that right now?

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