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Getting Stung

A few weeks ago I noticed a hornet flying around the back of my car after packing up from an event.  I was driving down the highway and told him to stay back there, because I'm a bit of a freak show when they get near me and I tend to panic.  I hadn't seen him again until Friday when I was on my way to the Old Colony hotel in Kennebunk ME for the Dog Lovers Weekend.  I checked in, brought my luggage to my room and then went to the car to get everything for work.  I opened the back, looked for the hornet, didn't see him, and grabbed my bag.  And got stung on the middle finger of my right hand. 

Now the interesting part was that last time I got stung by a handful of bees was over 10 years ago when I stepped on a nest while picking black berries.  I was sore but ok till the next day, when my entire leg swelled up.  I used to have an epi pen but never got it refilled, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I took a benadryl (only one because I figured I needed a clear mind to do readings!) and hoped that reiki would still flow and I wouldn't die and miss out on a really fun weekend.

I set up my space, chatted with a few people, and afterwards talked to a good friend.  She didn't know that I had been stung and in our conversation about something unrelated warned me "Don't stick your hand in the bees nest."  WHAT?  Then that night I was texting with someone else, who was also unaware that I had been stung and they said, "Watch out for the bees nest."  Completely unrelated topic again.  WHAT?  Then on Saturday I was chatting with two vendors whom I love, and we were chuckling about some of the situations I tend to get myself into.  She said, "Don't poke the bees nest, huh?"  I nearly fell over.  I told her about me getting stung, and how she was the third person to tell me that.  We all got a good laugh but I was pretty spooked.

Luckily my finger didn't hurt throughout the weekend and I'm guessing that all the Reiki I did probably helped.  As I was driving from Kennebunk to my next gig in Wolfeboro on Sunday the hornet showed up on my visor.  I wasn't even thinking about it because I thought they died once they stung.  I swerved to the side of the road and killed it.  And I screamed at it that I was sorry I killed it but that it wasn't very nice.  Perhaps I looked a little crazy but I was scared and not thrilled to see it again.  This morning my finger is throbbing and hurts, which prompted me to review the whole situation in my head and share it with you.

So here's some food for thought.  How many times have you been warned about something and totally ignored it?  Has the universe tried to tell you in many ways and you still ignored it?  Why?  That's what I'm trying to figure out.  My warnings couldn't have been any clearer, except that my human brain doesn't want to listen and I'm still thinking about poking the beehive with a stick.  Why the heck do we do that???  Hopefully my aching finger will remind me throughout the day that I don't really like this feeling.  And that was the result of only one sting. And that I have free will and can poke the beehive or walk away from it.  Now what the heck I am doing with this stick?


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