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Fun in Union

This weekend I was at a dog show in Union, Maine.  The plan was to camp in my sweet little tent for four nights and whisper to dogs daily from Thursday to Sunday.  My trip started with me getting on 95 South instead of North because I was on my phone with a friend who is going through a lot and I just picked the wrong lane.... even with the gps I seem to get lost!  However, the conversation was completely worth the additional 20 minutes I tacked on to my trip.


At the show on Thursday I met some incredible people.  I wasn't particularly busy because people bailed based on the IMPENDING STORM, but there were a few standout readings that made me realize I was in the right place at the right time.  I met them for a reason, and they in some unique way assisted me on my journey of becoming a full time animal communicator.  My day ended with a surprise picnic lunch from a dog show friend of mine, Claudette and her gorgeous dog Cider.  Nothing beats fresh fruit salad...


The entire week I had been worrying about hurricane Earl and how dry and safe I would be in my tent.  On Friday, the owner told me they would prefer I stayed in a cabin for no extra charge. What a relief!  That night I slept for 12 hours!  I can not tell you the last time I have done that and I still feel refreshed and recharged.  The owner, Katherine, was generous in her offer and I thank her for helping me out when I needed it.


Saturday and Sunday were too windy for me to set up my canopy for my booth, so I got to do readings under the sun- in between sun block applications, of course.  I met someone whose dog insisted that she use his fur to knit with.  He gave designs, pattern ideas and places to sell the product.  Turns out she is an editer at a natural fiber magazine!  Another dog wants to be a model for doggie clothing... she proceeded to give us the logo idea for her very own business card.  The fact that I'm doing this still amazes me, and it's incredible to see the connections deepen between owner and dog after a reading.


I have a few highlights of my weekend.  One is meeting a super cool woman who has a bantam rooster, Melvin, who is a service bird.  He has a harness, leash and outfits.  He is king of the roost and knows it.  The other fun thing that happened was at the campground on Saturday night.  There was a band and all the seasonal folks were there whooping it up, so I joined them.  How much fun is dancing with people you don't know and singing along like a rock star?  Let me tell you, it's a lot of fun!  It was a completely unexpected part of my weekend, but one of the better evenings I've had in a while!


Finally, the best way to end the trip was the interaction I had with a toll booth collecter on 95 (I was going the right way this time).   I pulled up to the booth, ready with my 4 quarters and he seemed genuinely happy to greet me and even asked how I was.  I think it shocked him when I said "GREAT, how are you?"  He said "Wonderful" and I was on my way.  Just another example of someone enjoying the choices they've made in thier lives that have put them in that place at that time. 


Thank you to everyone I met this weekend and I hope to hear some feedback after you reflect on the readings.  I will be in North Conway next weekend, so stop by and say hello!

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