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Faerie Oracle Cards for You

I really enjoyed pulling cards for you yesterday, so I'm doing it again today.  I debated what to ask and finally settled on two questions.  What have you forgotten about who you are and what are you capable of when you fully surrender?

I will tell you that as I tried to shuffle this deck, which is one of the more "witchy" ones I use, I had a really hard time phrasing the question until it felt right, and twice I dropped about half the deck.  That just tells me that I'm not asking it correctly and that maybe I was using the wrong cards.  But I felt that they were the right ones and these two "jumped."

What have you forgotten about who you are?  See the light on his chest, forehead, top of his head and radiating down?  That light is there and available for you.  There's the very human-ness in this picture.  But we are all made of energy, and we are being reminded to let that shine.  What are you fully capable of if you fully surrender?  And what the heck do I mean by that?  What if you remembered that we are all energy, light, source, God, and that it is within all of us but also surrounds all of us.  Our untapped potential exists.  Our light can shine from within and radiate to all corners of this lifetime and beyond. 

To me, the second card is what we would look like if we got energetically naked.  No more body or life experiences to muddle us up.

What do you see in them? 


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