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Facebook Review

When's the last time you went back through your facebook posts to see whats on there?  I just did.  And you know what?  I had a great summer!  I loved looking at the  pictures (since now we don't really ever print them out and they all live in cyberspace) and reading the comments.  Yes.  I'm at the office "getting work done."  I took a little break and I'm so glad I did!

Most of the posts from this summer were of me and Z at the lake, fishing, camping or about the Zach-isms that he comes out with when my brain just isn't fully awake or when I'm not really expecting it.  Here's an example of one that wasn't posted.  Yesterday I picked him up from school and the first thing he mentions is that he needs pennies.  A LOT of them.  I asked why, and he said that 195 babies die every day (I just made that number up, but he had the statistics) and that by raising pennies last year they saved 150 babies from dying.  So it was REALLY important that he brings some in.

If this post inspires you to donate the the babies, let me know and I'll take them off your hands. 

I digress.

It is a good thing to look back and see where you've been to get your bearings for where you're going.  What things brought you joy?  What people make you light up and feel loved?  What memories are now embedded in your soul that are really help define who you are?  Remember them.  Honor them.  And talk about them.

Z and I have quite a roller coaster of a mother/son relationship. He's strong willed, loving, intense, ridiculously attached to structure and flips if he can feel a tag on his shirt or the lines on his socks.  But looking at some of the pictures I see total joy in both of our faces.  I'm glad I just took a few minutes to go back and be reminded of just how lucky I am. 

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