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I just have to tell you how excited I am for some big changes.  I've always been a go it alone kind of person, and now I'm not!  I've hired my friend of 20 years Ellen Ames to help me get and stay organized.  I LOVE doing readings, teaching and meeting amazing people through my job.   Having her on board will free me up to do the things I love and excel at.  She's fun, too, which is another reason we work well together!

There are some huge changes for my business.  I have a new office in Portland that I'm sharing with Kathleen Stone, an exceptional intuitive and healer.  She was referred to me by a colleague for hypnosis and then she did a reading for me.  It was pretty clear the instant we met that we were going to be working together and everything has fallen easily into place!  We both do readings, but it's always great to have someone to refer people to if they can help the client in a different way that may be better for them.

We're looking at a space in North Conway for an office that I'll be sharing with Chelsea Latham of Tula Vida Health.  She's the soul realignement and situation or relationship clearing guru.  Chelsea is just one of the most incredible women I've ever met!  The way I describe the way we work together is I'm the critical care unit and she's rehab.  I'll get you through whatever is going on right now, and she'll clear you of past "stuff" to help you essentially hit the reset button.  If you've had a reading with me and want to contact her I have some $25 off coupons for her services.  Totally worth it! 

I just added a new way to sign up and pay for services on my website.  I'm sure there will be glitches in the beginning but nothing we can't handle.  If you do book and appointment online I'd love your feedback.  You can email it to  Thank you in advance for that!  I'm hoping all of these changes are seamless and make everyone's life simpler.

Looking ahead I'm going to offer webinars that you can purchase and download.  Once you buy it it's yours to keep!  Since I think what I can offer is so relevant for so many of you this is a great way for you to learn in the comfort of your own home.  Even if the kids are screaming in the background!  Once I have the North Conway office I'll be able to partner more with hotels and groups that are up for fun in the Mount Washington Valley.  In the past I've done a lot of readings for people on vacation, and having an office in town will be perfect.

On a more personal note, I'm ready to take charge of my life again.  I've spent a lot of this summer driving to gigs, sitting and doing phone readings, and not being as active as I was in the spring.  I'm going to be playing more hockey, running and I can not wait to cross country ski this year!  I'll tele ski as well, but I may be a snob and only go on epic days.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of them this year!  Reuniting with Ellen has been very interesting.  She knew me when I'd hike a mountain, come home and swim a lake, and perhaps hang with friends in the evening.  Or in the winter I'd ski, then snowshoe and sled at night.  Because I could.  Having an 8 year old has certainly shifted my life from where it was 10 or 20 years ago, but I'm going to bring fun and time in nature back. 

Phew.  I think I had to write this to remind myself that I actually have been really productive this weekend!  I'm loving the new things happening!  In two weeks my life will look even more different than it does today.  How cool is that????

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