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Don't talk to the crazy lady!

It's been very interesting to see how people respond to what I do.  Some of my closest friends think I'm nutsy, which I'm ok with!  I have a group of cheerleaders who are encouraging me to continue on and not look back.  There are the people who want answers, to talk to "dead people" or gain insight into their future.  Most are genuine about it, but there is a contingent who are in one moment mesermized by what is happening until they realize the people behind me are making the crazy lady hand sign and smothering their laughter.  I'm alright with that.  I'm relieved that when this does happen, I am unwaivering in the messages I deliver.  I am also filled with the power of the voices from the other side who are grateful for the opportunity to send love, healing and reassurance to their loved ones. 

When I do a reading I tell my clients to take what they like, toss what they don't and if it doesn't fit don't make it.  Too much to put on a bumpersticker and too tacky to tattoo across my forehead.  But I like it.  Here's to the people supporting my growth and thank you to the people who make me want to succeed even more by challenging me!  I'll sign my book for all of you when it comes out...

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