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Don't Ask Don't Tell

Years ago when I saw John Edward (Or Johnathan?  The psychic, not the politician) on a television show the host asked him to do a quick read on him.  He said he wouldn't do that because he likes to get ready first.  That made me a little skeptical of his abilities, because up till now I've considered myself lucky to be able turn my psychic gifts on or off simply by closing or opening my eyes.  By refusing to read the host on the spot, he was protecting his energy. Something I'm learning! 

Yesterday I found myself in one of the most bizarre situations that proved to be a lesson in why it's important for me to be Sara the Psychic when I'm on the clock and Just Sara when I'm in a social situation.  I also I wish I had listened to the voices in my head urging to stay home, which would have avoided the situation all together.  I, being human and with an abunance of free will, ignored them. Someone asked me a question and about 20 minutes later I was asked to leave.  Yup.  Essentially uninvited to the party.  That was a first for me!  But after a lovely snowshoe in the woods and deep snow I counted that visit as a postive experience. 

This is not an unfamiliar situation for me to be in.  Ask me a question, I'll give you an answer.  If my eyes are closed, I'm answering you as Psychic Sara.  If you sort of "dare" me to tell you something about you, but don't ask a specific question, brace yourself.  Especially if I've had a glass of wine!  When I'm doing a reading I'm not really there, and your guides or higher self may see this as an opportunity to tell you what you really need to hear.  Which may not be what you WANT to hear!  So.  Don't Ask Don't Tell may be my new motto.

Luckily I do this with no ego involved.  If I relay a message and the client tells me I'm wrong, I say ok.  But I'll ask the psychic magic 8 ball if I need to still try to get them to hear the message.  If they say yes, I rephrase it or they give me a different image to use to present it with the hopes their guides can get through.  I dated a guy a few years ago who didn't believe in a thing I did.  That was fine with me, because it meant I got to be Just Sara when we hung out!  Until his friends started razzing him about my career...  And then at dinner one night he told me "I don't believe in what you do, so what do you get on me?"  Dun dun duhhhhhhhh. 

You know where this is going.  And it went there FAST.

I knew this was essentially the last suppah so I closed my eyes and told him what I got.  The man had so much potential but self sabotaged himself.  His grandfather came through to talk, and he said, "Oh Hi Pop."  I said no, that is your dads dad.  I have your mom's dad on the line.  Silence.  I relayed the rest of the messages, opened my eyes, and he was looking out the window.  As we walked to the car he said "This is never going to work."  No shit!

That was really funny to me, acutally.  I know I'm not making this stuff up and I also know that some people who are really either hiding or avoiding usually don't enjoy being around me.  LOL!  So.  Don't Ask, and I won't tell.  Unless you're paying me.

I guess I got a reminder that this really is a career and I'm more than just a cool party trick.  Because the trick was on me yesterday.  But I'm grateful for the reminder for me to chose my circles wisely and keep my eyes open when I'm off the clock! 

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