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Dock Dogs and Wells, Maine

I just started to post something on facebook then remembered I have a blog.  Duh!  I met some incredible people and animals this weekend at Dock Dogs in Berwick on Friday and Sunday and at Reigning Cats and Dogs in Wells on Saturday.  Here are some of the highlights.  (I just realized I can add pictures, but I have no idea how to make them fit where I want them, so just act like it looks prettier than it is!)

Sara and Anna                                                                           Sara raises search and rescue and cadaver dogs.  She came with her shephard for a reading, but a dog who passed many years ago decided to make a guest appearance.  Her old dog, Anna, was with her at ground zero on 9/11 to help find bodies.  She told me how Anna had found firemens bodies in the stairwell of one of the collapsed buildings.  I kept seeing a book and story, and she said she had written one that is part of a collection of stories about the dogs who helped out.  She brought it over (the picture is from it) and I was a mess by the end of it.  She also had pictures of her and Anna inside and on top of what remained of the area.  She thanked me so much for my insight and I told her that I could never do what she does, and I thanked her for having the strength to do what she does.  Did you know that it costs about $10,000 to train the dogs, and once they get flown to a disaster site they are responsible for all their costs?  Unbelievable.

The Mother in law One woman came to gain insight on her dog, but her mother in law who recently passed came through.  She had loved the dog, and let her know that she wanted her pewter rose shaped pin put on the dogs fancy collar.  The woman admitted that she had come in as a skeptic but that they had just taken that pin off one of her mother in laws coats and it was in the RV with them.  I love that!

10 New Animal Communicators Saturday in Wells I offered a workshop on how to communicate with animals followed by 17 10 minute readings.  I get so excited to see people figure out how to open up their senses and learn how to communicate with animals.  They ALL did readings for each other from a picture of a pet.  Its the most incredible thing to see them realize they aren't just imagining things, but they are doing it!  20% of the revenue went to Lucky Pup Rescue, and I owe Sue, her daughter and the owner of the store a huge thank you for hosting and helping me manage to remain on time all day.  Phew!

Yeager and Dave                                     I watched Yeager, a gorgeous dog , break the world record jump for height at 8'2" in Scarborough a few months ago.  I love it when people totally connect with and enjoy the time spent with their dogs!  Yeager was pretty focused on a red ball, but the instant Dave asked him to jump up he launched himself vertically and Dave caught him in his arms.  That dog is amazing.... They have a blast together and I got a little spun with the crazy fast energy of Yeager.  It was like a quadrouple shot of espresso.  Its also the first person to audio tape the session, so now I know just how crazy I actually sound.  Huh.

Tears I always have people cry at my booth... I have a box of tissues ready.....  I was talking to a couple about their dog, who was recovering from an injury and wasn't jumping as well as she used to.  They wanted to know if there was something traumatic that had happened, or if she wasn't jumping because of emotional or physical reasons.  I looked up and the husband was all teary.  I love that.  It's good to love your animals, and good to feel that emotion.  Unfortunately we weren't at my booth, so he had to use his sleeve....

So that's only a fraction of what I have to say, but a good overview of my weekend.  Thank you to all who came by the booth and who helped raise money for Lucky Pup Rescue.  I'm lovin' this party in my head and I love that I get to share it with so many of you! 


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