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Do you take this woman.....

I am beyond excited to say that two totally kick ass women asked me to be the one to perform their wedding ceremony in July up the coast of Maine!  I don't even think I have words to describe how honored I am to be asked!  Excited, thrilled, happy?  They only sort of brush the surface of the real emotion I'm feeling. I can tell you that last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about what to say and the magnitude of being the one to join two people in marriage is a big responsibility! 

This is what I love about my job.  I get to meet the most fascinating people!  I met Lauren and Cassie at Pet Life in Sanford a few years ago.  They just happened to be in the store buing dog food when I was there doing dog readings.  They stopped by my table on their way out and the whole reading ended up being about their whoopie pie business.  For the record, they make the best whoopie pie I've ever had...  EVER.  And I am a whoopie pie snob!  We kept in touch over the years and they had a friend who had just lost a dog who came to me for a reading. 

Friendships were created and two years ago I met them for a really fun New Years Eve and we danced, sang, played piano, recorder, guitar and lord knows what else that night!  We went for a hike and celebrated with champagne at midnight on an absolutely freezing cold and clear night.  I remember that the wind was whipping and it was just so much fun! 

I am so excited to see them get married.  And to be a part of it is just amazing to me.  I'm so humbled by the opportunities being presented to me.  If you had told me 7 years ago that this would be my life I could never have imagined what it would really feel like.  I'm happy.  I'm excited.  I'm alive and loving it!  I am looking forward to what the future holds and who else will cross my path.  If you are a client and reading this just know that many of you have entered some of my cherished memories.  I thank you for all that you have done to make the last few years spectacular. 

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