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Dear Me,

I was going to direct this post to the universe, but since I should practice what I preach I figured I should send it to me instead.  And that if in fact I did create the map for this crazy path I'm on, I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking.  So here goes:

Dear Me,

You are so witty.  How smart of you to totally challenge yourself to learn even more on your journey in this lifetime.  Especially on that weekend in October in 2011.  Wow.  You really outdid yourself on this whole life lesson, huh?!  I hope you learned all that you wanted.  Because it was one heck of a ride.  First, you learned about people and how you expect them to behave vs how they actually behave.  Then you got reminded that you LOVE what you're doing, and the self hypnosis CD's you made are pretty stinkin' spectacular.  Well done.  You nailed that for sure.  I even cried as I listened to the Labor and Delivery one and it was my voice!  Although I must admit I'm guessing higher powers were at work in the making of it.  You must have had some pretty good guides helping you script that part... 

Then you created that awful dream where you held your beloved son as he died.  That messed me up pretty good, I must say!  But it did remind me that he is everything to me and I'd do anything for him.  And that he is my family, my everything.  Good choice having him arrive when he did.  High five for that.  You also reminded me I want someone else to make me feel safe and secure when I have dreams like that.  Thanks.  Now where the hell are they?  Oh wait, you're right.  I wasn't looking for that.  I just needed a reminder that that is a viable option and that maybe I should be open to it if it arrives.  Check.  Got it.  And when I was feeling a little overwhelmed and still at work I met two people who reminded me I'm not alone on this journey, and that they are here to help.  Newcomers to my adventures and very much appreciated.  Thanks.  They were perfectly timed.

So you totally outdid yourself by capping this long expanse of a day by throwing in a neighbor who needed me, and even though I was really, really tired I was reminded that it's not all about me.  Holy smokes.  Anything else?  I'm afraid to ask.  So I'm hoping I crammed in some pretty huge ass lessons all at once and for the love of God please let me have learned from them.  Otherwise I KNOW I'll get to repeat them all in some equally spectacular way.  I'm hoping if I didn't get it you at least scheduled in some days where I can regroup.  You know, just so I can fully appreciate all that I've taken in.  I'm on this human time which maybe I hadn't accounted for when creating my whole life plan.....  and I'm a little tired.  Grateful for everything, but ready for a good night sleep. 

So Me, thanks for helping me ease my way towards middle or high school in this lifetime.  I'm glad these are my lessons, especially when I consider the challenges others are facing.  And thanks for allowing me to help some others along the way.  It makes it more rewarding and I'm a sucker for extra credit.  Well, maybe not... but it still feels good.




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