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Damariscotta Woofstock 2011

Holy cow what a day!  I was in Damariscotta, Maine for the Woofstock 2011 event and had a wonderful time.  When I start a reading and reiki on a dog, I ask them a few basic questions to get them chatting.  Are you happy, do you like your food, your collar, etc.  Today was unlike any day of readings I've had yet.  I believe I saw about 15 dogs and did two readings for people.  I came home thinking that I'd look up the history of the Round Pond Farm to see what energy remained on it from years or centuries ago, and as I got home to cook some suppah I looked up and saw the full moon.  Well that explains EVERYTHING!

Here are a few highlights from today.

There is a young woman that I met who is going to make a HUGE impact on the world.  She and her mom came to me so I could talk to the dog, but it was immediately evident that the reason they were sitting there was so they could receive a much bigger message from the universe.  This girl came here (yes, to life) to spread a calming and peaceful message to all she encounters.  She is strong and powerful and the world will feel her love ripple across it's energy in profound way.  I hope she stays in touch, because I am excited for her journey!

I met a dog who chose it's owner so that she can understand that she doesn't need to constantly take care of it.  She was so worried that the dog wasn't snuggly and looking for her love all the time.  I asked her if she's always been the caretaker and she said yes.  The dog wants her to enjoy this time for herself and to learn to appreciate the lesson it's showing her.  Once she figures out howt do do that, his whole demeanor will become much more playful.

At tne end of the day one of the other vendors told how a customer was telling her how she'd lost 5 or 6 dogs and family members over the course of a year.  She'd seen a psychic who told her that a very special dog would find her and that she didn't need to look for one.  The dog did in fact show up and everything happened exactly as that psychic had predicted.  Then she said, "YOU are that psychic!"  I loved that and appreciated her taking the time to tell me that.  I don't have the kind job that always permits immedate validation for what I pass along, so that was a great reminder that I am on my correct path and that people do appreciate what I offer.

I'm pooped.  Thanks for reading and if I met you today please share your experiences here or in an email!


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