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Crying Like My Mom

Fridays are "date" night with my son and me.  He gets home from school, we hang out, then watch a movie on Netflix and eat dinner in the living room.  That's a big deal since we usually eat dinner at the table every night and I rarely watch TV.  Well, tonight we watched the Croogs.  And I cried.  I did.

My mom used to cry all the time and I thought it was hysterical!  It's not so funny when you're the mom and your kid is saying, "Oh my God mom.  Are you crying? Seriously!"  And then again, it really is quite funny, because it's just so bizarre.

Have you ever watched The Croogs?  Its animated and about a cave man family.  The daughter falls in love with a uoung cave man who is adventurous and wise.  Her father gets jealous, and then in the end they make up and the father and daughter hug.  Right there was enough to make me cry.  But THEN the father has to save the family and does it without regret and with the help of her new guy.  That's about the time the tears started.  It wasn't until the end that my water works really starte fowing, but it was ridicuous. 

Z looked at me and gave me the "Mom, are you SERIOUS" look.  But then it got even better.  He lauged his ass off at me. I used to do the same to my mom.  I went to the bathroom shortly thereafter, and he yelled in to ask me if  was done crying.  I wasn't, but almost.  This is where I was reminded about how much I absolutely love my boy.  He was concerned, amused and curious.  Which then enoucraged me to tell him about how often Grammy Mary Ellen would cry.  This was pretty much all the time.

I shared some stories with him and realized I'm turning into my mom.  You know what?  I'm totally OK with that.  I love that Z gets to see me show emotion.  I love that I watched The Croods and told Z that someday I wanted true love, like the daughter and the young cave man had.  I love that I cried, and that no matter how I tried to hide it he totlaly called me out on my sniffly suiffled sobs.  I'm also glad that tonight we'll be sleeping in a warm house, and that fire is something we have not had to figure out in this lifetime.  I'm so glad I'm a Moore, or a Beagen.  And that the Croods are just a show that I shared with my almost 9 year old son on our family Friday night.  I'm pretty psyched that this is our life. 

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