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Crazy Dreams

Has anyone else been having some intensely crazy dreams lately?  I'm exhausted when I wake up and I'm wondering what the heck my brain is doing while I'm trying to sleep.  I've always had vivid dreams and growing up I'd tell my friend Jocelyn about them on our walk to school.  I just assumed everyone dreamed like I did and was very surpirsed to hear her say one day, "You're making this up."  What?  No I wasn't.  I can still remember a few of them from way back then that helped me process some of the things going on in my life at the time.

Since the past few nights have been particularly strange, I thought I'd share them with you and  what I took them to mean. 

Tuesday night I went walking in my dream.   I was walking, and noticed gorgeous lilacs lining the left side  of the street.  I love the way they smell and look, so that was really nice.  Then I saw a skyline emerge in front of me and realized I could see Portland, ME off in the distance.  Since its usually over an hour drive from home, I was also impressed that I had walked that far.  When I got there it was dark.  And cold.  And people were going to a red sox game.  Yeah, yeah, my dreams don't always flow so well!  Anyway, I then had the realization that I had to walk home!  People were going in the opposite direction as me and I found myself in a parking garage.  I was waiting in front of an elevator, someone had dropped two pair of kids snowpants and I knew they'd be bummed when they figured that out.  Then I was driving into the parking garage.  I have no idea how that happened, but it did.  I knew that I had a car in there that had been in there a while, but I got another ticket and was pretty excited that I could just switch tickets, get MY car and leave.  Somehow I was out of the car and an old guy blocked my way with shopping carts.  There was some other strangeness, but lets fast forward.

No more car and I was walking again.  I was walking home and had a panicked moment of "Oh my God it's dark!  How will I see?"  and everything lit up in front of me.  Like a huge flashlight beam was showing me my path.  I was nervous that it would go out before I got home, but it lit up and I could see. 

So what does that mean????  About a year or two ago I had a few psychics tell me that I really need to focus on the journey, not the end result.  I've been doing that lately and in the dream I noticed the lilacs and was surprised to see Portland in front of me.  Maybe I'm getting it!  I was also surprised at how far I'd gone, which is true in my life and business as well.  It's felt like a long haul but in reality I've only been at it for two and a half years as my only career.  So I'm still walking and I was reminded that my path will always be illuminated for me. Cool, huh?

Last nights dream was really neat.  I was eating outside with a group of people, and when we finished an older woman told me she wanted to show me where she lived.  I can still see her face and if I could sketch I'd draw her for you.  She had salt and pepper hair, a kind face and brown eyes.  She said she lived off the grid.  We were at the base of a ski area in spring, so as we passed the trails we saw some girls doing a slalom ski course and I commented how I'd hate to work that hard at something I don't really like.  We kept walking and the green grass gave way to a path she'd clearly been walking a fair amount because it was worn down to a packed dirt no more than a foot wide. 

We came into the woods and there was the most amazing structure I'd seen.  It was made in the trees, with a suspended floor hanging by huge ropes.  Or lines, for you sailors out there.  You had to climb up a ladder, like you were going to a loft, and your head and body came through a small opening and you landed on a wood floor that she had made her home.  It swung gently.  Here's the gross part.  She had a coughing fit and puked up her lunch, which looked like purpley pink onions mixed with saurkraut.  GROSS.  I don't do puke, but I choked mine back and she pulled it together and we started talking.  In front of her was a book that had an inscription "To my granddaughter."  I wasn't her grandaughter.  It was old, worn and grey.  Like my hiking guide book.  I could tell it was something special that she was going to give to me.  There were two other items, too.  I can't remember them now....

Then my son showed up and he thought it was fun to rock the platform.  She was having fun with it but I was afraid I was going to fall off, so I was clinging and telling him to stop.  I was safe, though, because the thing was huge and sturdy.  You know those rafts people make in movies when they're trying to get off a deserted island?  The trees make the square, and these trees were huge, and then the floor was made from huge flat pieces of wood.  Then my puppy woke me up.  For real.  I was bummed because I really wanted to see how that dream played out!  I wanted to know what was in that book!

What does that one mean?  Who knows.  The woman represented a sprititual teacher, and I was ready to receive more messages and "training."  This has been happening in my life with my elder/mentor and with the people I'm coming into contact with.  I love the woods and connect with nature.  I took a walk with Karma today and just stood there in a stand of huge old trees and felt myself reenergize.  Then there's Zach, rocking my platform.  Do I need to explain that?  FINE.  I will.  I know that he is shaking up my life, he was having fun, which is apparently something I haven't been embracing lately, and I'm FINE.  Or I will be if I can just relax and enjoy the ride a little.  I'm not sure what the puke was all about.  It was really, really gross though. 

Can't wait to see what happens tonight! 

Sweet dreans,


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