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     This weekend I was at Pet Quarters in Scarborough, Maine Saturday from 9 - 3, rushed home, went out to dinner with a friend, then awoke at 4:15am to begin my journey to the Cheshire Kennel Club show in Keene, New Hampshire.  As I was driving, I wondered what the day held in store for me.  When I arrived, I was excited to see familiar faces (both dogs and people) that I have met in past shows as well as many new ones.  It is amazing to me to hear how what I communicated to the owner has helped them achieve goals and given the pet a voice. 


   The fact that I can hear animals talking is unbelievably incredible to me and the people that I meet are equally fascinating.  Today a woman came by my booth and asked me how I knew I could hear animals talk.  The conversation turned to her mother, and a horse that was having some issues while being trailered.  I could feel the pain in the right back hip and the swirly feeling it had while trying to get in.  I offered a few suggestions, and was surprised to see tears on her cheeks.  Her mothers dog had passed away recently, her own horse within the year and she was about to make the painful decision to euthanize one of her goats due to old age and illness.  I instantly saw a horse, prancing, dancing and showing off it's fancy foot work. He was making an unexpected visit to let her know he was thrilled to be on the other side and grateful that she had "let him go" when she did.  Even as I think of this horse, the energy is silly and pure joy!


   The conversation lasted a while, and we hugged when she left.  Our meeting gave her peace on many levels and I am grateful to have made her feel more secure in knowing that what she did was not only appreciated, but well timed.  She called the vet when she got home about her goat.   Tonight she will get to say goodbye before letting her go in the morning.   Saying good bye is a difficult thing for so many people (myself included), but I have no doubt that it is only painful for those who live on and miss thier companion.   Please know that they are still listening!  Some may give you little signs to let you know when they visit, such as a spider web moving as if a breeze was stirring when there is no wind to be felt anywhere.   Enjoy those messages and let them know you are thinking of them as well.


   As I wind down from my weekend, I thank those who came by to check in and say hello!  Thank you for being a part of this fun journey and I hope to get updates and pictures!  I look forward to seeing you in Union, Maine over labor day and in my home town of Conway the following weekend. 


Take care,



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