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  • Sara Moore

Coming Together


     I have to say that lately I've noticed more connections happening.  What do I mean by that?  Obviously in my work I see people who want to learn about a past life, a spirit guide, how Reiki can help them heal, etc.  But I feel like there's a speeding up in terms of people meeting folks like me at just the right time for them to learn more or to validate their beliefs.  After making these connections they often bump into someone who benefits from what they just learned.  

     There is a group that is saying the world will soon end.  You know what?  It is.  But I don't expect a big boom followed by the lights going out and we're gone.  I look at it more like the light is slowly being turned on.  It is happening now, and it is a change that will bring an end to beliefs that no longer serve the greater good.  We will move from a society of fear and hate to one peace, love and compassion.  Sounds corny, but it's true.  We are learning these lessons now, and the disasters and uprisings are part of our education.  Instead of turning on the TV to watch horrible stories of pain and suffering hopefully we'll watch to see the good that is being done in the world.  People are becoming more aware of their ability to help others and facilitate this change. 

     I'm not stocking up on canned goods and water for the day the world ends.  I am, however, teaching others about Reiki and hope to change the way we look at life, our struggles, the after life, and why we are all here on this earth. 

   I am curious to the response I get to this post.... I feel like I sort of climbed up on a soap box and struggled to find the right words to convey my thoughts, but if nothing else I hope it inspires you to be a part of the change.


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