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Checking In

I've been off the radar for a few days and am just checking in.  No idea what I'm about to tell you so I'm just going to let my fingers to the typing and hopefully it's something worth reading!  I had an amazing day at Leapin' LIzards in Portland Monday.  I hypnotized two women for weight loss and they've been sending me messages all week telling me how fantastic they feel.  I LOVE that!  I could use it myself actually!  When I do weight loss hypnosis I also add in the suggestions to release any of the emotional baggage you're carrying around.  Then we let your heavier self go on vacation, so they can be thanked for serving you in some capacity but we also acknowledge that they're no longer needed.  Bon Voyage!

Thursday and Friday I was at the Vacationland Dog show in Scarborough.  It's so much fun to see the dogs and people I've come to know over the past four or five years.  Sad to hear of the ones who've passed, but still comforting to know I may have helped the owner with the transition.  I still have people come by my booth to tell me they thought I was nuts for suggesting a specific bandana as a reward if the dog performs well.  Then they sheepishly admit they bought it and the dog won the next three shows....  See?  I'm not making this stuff up!  I'm not that smart!

And then today I just had an amazing reading with people who are on vacation.  They happened to find my website and are looking to find peace and closure after the recent death of their handsome dog.  The reading was about much more than the dog and I left there feeling so grateful to have met them!  They touched my life and have given me a lot to think about.

Which is good, because I'm about to hop in the car and drive to Lyman, ME to read some horses and a puppy.  Today is a good day and I'm feeling like I have the best job in the world.

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