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Chakra Clearing

What does a Chakra Clearing mean, anyway?  I can only tell you what it means to me, and I may be oversimplifying it.  We're all made of energy.  We have energy centers that start at our lower pelvis, which is red, and they go up the colors of the rainbow until the forehead, which is violet, then up and out our heads is a brilliant white.  We hold emotions in these centers, and those emotions can manifest into physical ailments.  When a chakra is blocked, then there's a place where energy can't flow and that area becomes stuck. 

How do you know it's stuck?  I tend to see this more in how my physical body feels when I'm reading you.  I may feel my belly, or my tailbone, or my throat may feel tight.  As I type this my forehead is getting hot because my intuition is turning on.  Or you may have chronic health issues in an area of the body.  Belly issues, which correspond to the orange and yellow chakras, can be the result of something you experienced while growing up.

Ok.  I could go on about that stuff, but let's get to the point.  How can you clear your own chakras?  Yes, I can help you, so can some other amazing energy workers.  But YOU can do this, and I encourage you to try!  Take what you like, toss what you don't.  Modify it to work for you.

So.  Take a deep breath, with energy flowing up from your pelvis, all the way up, through your hips, belly, chest, throat, head, and gently releasing all the way out through the top of your head.  Try this a few times.  If you'd rather breathe up through your feet that's totally fine.  Once you become a little aware of your breathing, of energy or even air flowing through you, imagine that we want to release stuff we're holding on to that no longer serves us, and replace it with what we do need or want to invite in. 

Take a huge breath in from the top of your head, and feel it gently flowing all the way down to your pelvic floor.  This is your foundation.   Your base.  Imagine that white light gently splashing down and turning to a brilliant and comfortable shade of red.  You are inviting in grouding, power, stability, your foundation.  Let that red swirl.  You may get an image of something nthat represents all of this.  If you do, focus on that image and allow it to merge with the root chakra.

Not let that white energy flow down from the top of your head, bringing it down with a deep breath, and as it gets to your hip area and the space around your zipper area, imagine it splashing down and turning to a brilliant orange.  You may feel it spinning, or swirling.  If there's any resistance to this or any color, ask what it is.  Be open to any images, feelings, emotions, ages, etc that may give you an answer. 

Breathe...  Bringing it down fromthe sun, heavens, stars, or wherever, allow that white light to flow down to the base of your breast bone.  This is your power center.  Yellow.  Let that yellow swirl.  What does your own inner power look like?  Is there any resistance when it tries to flow through you?  Why?  What do you need to know?

Breath coming down from above, into your heart.  Green.  I imagine flowers blooming, in  huge green field of tall grass, gently swaying in the breeze.  Is your heart locked up tight?  What does it look or feel like?  What does it want? 

Back down to the throat, blue.  What do you feel?  Is your throat open?  Tight?  Locked?  Tired?  What does opening it up look or feel like?  I see musical notes floating through it. 

Deep breath into your forehead, and as you do imagine the cobwebs being removed, energy flowing, your sinus clearing.  That light is purple and divine.  It knows whatever you need to heal.

Now imagine that white light, going all the way down to your root, changing to red.  Spinning, clearing.  I often see little chards of grey or black sort of being magnetically removed when I do a clearning.  When the red feels good, do the same, going to the orange, then yellow, green, blue, purple, and white.  When you're done, imagine your power center becoming a brilliant light and sort of exploding (in a gentle way) out from within and surrounding you in light.  Your coccoon of light. 

Again, you can modify this to whatever feels good for you.  It may change for you every time you do it, and that's fine, too!  If your colors are different than mine, alright!  I'd love to hear about your experiences and hope that this exercise helps you release old gunk and replace it with what you need.

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