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Card Reading

Quite often I get asked if I read cards.  Yes.  But not the way a traditional Tarot reader does.  My psychic sense directs me more than the true interpretation of the card.  Meaning I don't have a set meaning for what a certain suit or number means every time I pull it.  The same card can have very different meanings to me, but will be totally appropriate and "decodable" for your given situation and question.  

I'm going to use my Housewife Tarot deck (which are absolutely hysterical and awesome) to ask for an overall indication of how I am in my life at this moment.  The seven of pentacles card just jumped out as I was shuffling.  (I took a picture of it with this blog in the background so you know I didn't rig it) I love it!  It's an image of a woman wearing a sun hat, which I like to wear, surrounded by blooming gardens and a tree filled with pentacles.  To me this image represents that I am enjoying the fruits of my labor, so to speak, and that I even have enough flowers to cut some and put them in my basket.  I am on the right track and I kind of do feel as relaxed as the woman in the image!  Looking at her, it kind of looks like me a little.  Thanks cards!

Let me ask a question for you.  I'm going to use my fairy cards.  What do you need to know about your current situation?  Follow your dreams.  Ok..... There's a lot going on in this card and I want you to read it for yourself.  There are three angels around a sleeping mother fairy.  A dove of freedom is flying away.  What are you letting go of?  Or what messages have you been sending up to the heavens?  They're being relayed.  The great blue heron is such a powerful animal totem for me.  I see them as validators for me, indicating that I'm exaclty where I should be.  There is the white butterfly down below in the darkness, trying to rasie up to the light that surrounds the fairy woman.  Roses represent my mom to me, so to ME it also means she's with me. 

So what does it mean to you?  I will admit that one little angel or fairy creeps me out a bit.  LOL!  I love the message of the card, though.  Anyone can learn to read cards.  I'm actually teaching a class on it April 29th from 6-7:30pm.  I've had fun with this post and will try to pull more cards for you this week!

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