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Busy Night

Wow.  I had more crazy dreams last night!  I have been on the road all weekend and was so excited to go to sleep last night!  First of all, I didn't fall right to sleep.  That was frustrating.  Then when I was zonked, my brain decided to have a party and process all the stuff I've been thinking about.  In no particular order, here are some snipits of my adventure (while my body tried to sleep):

Dreamt of 2 skunks.  A woman knew they were there, but didn't mind them and just tried to stay out of the line of fire.  Gross.

Dreamt of having dead spiders on me.  Mostly just the legs.  I was in a barn or something and I didn't think I got bitten, but then I looked at the inside of my right elbow and it was swelling.  Huh. I knew what the legs looked like and was wondering how I'd identify them based on just the legs.

I was at someone's house and there was dog poop on the rug and a lot of us were there.  I hadn't seen it until I realized that everyone had just walked through the shit instead of picking it up.  So gross.  There was a woman there who was just flat out obnoxious and I was about to post it on facebook, then was much nicer to her when I told her that she was extremely loud and very inapporproate.  She thanked me.

Was somewhere and an old colleage was being told that people have been reacting to her anger, and that it was really her problem, not theirs.  She was so mad and near tears.  The woman telling her had called me over for to back up what she was saying.  She was so frustrated that she wasn't hearing her.  I told her it's really not her job to make the messages to sink in, just to relay them. 

I had to deal with scheduling changes.  Someone told me that the place I'm working at Weds had to change the schedule.  As far as I know, that was just in my dream.  I was pissed.  And I was never going to go back if that was the first day and how it was going to go. 

Here was the really cool part of the dream.  I should have started here; if you're still reading I'm impressed!  Some people wanted me to feel the energy in a building.  It had cathedral ceilings, post and beam interior and it was under renovation.  There were a few spots with the plastic sheeting and it wasn't very light in there.  I walked in and looked up.  It was like watching Casper the friendly ghost in my mind; I could see/feel all this energy!  And it wasn't scary, just super busy.  Then I felt my hair get messed with.  I was with 2 women, and I said, "Hey!  Watch this."  And the ghosts started to pull my hair up from the sides and it felt really funky.  Still wasn't afraid.  Then I was about to clear the energy in the room and all of a sudden this blue ball of energy floated around, landing in between my hands. 

It was awesome!  I could feel it pulsing and the vibration of it.  I decided to start pulling on the energy, too, because I knew that whatever it was was giving and receiving that pure blue light.  I handed it to one of the other women and she passed it back to me.  Then I took a deep breath and blew it out the window.  It disappeared.

I think there was even more than that but I have to go to work now...  Tonight I better have a quiet night!  I feel like I added an extra day to my week after all that!

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