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The other day I sat down to write this post, but I apparently got distracted and talked about dating a psychic.  I'm going to try it again and see what happens today!  So I was on a hike.  Something I've been doing a lot of lately.  It totally clears my head and I have nice conversations with myself.  I was thinking about how years ago I had some really fun friends that had a 25' sailboat.  I used to love sailing with them!  I am drawn to the ocean and even on the way up I was as excited as a kid at Christmas.  Walking through the boatyard, down the dock and ramp to the boat meant I was just moments away from that amazing feeling of floating on the ocean.  I love the way it feels...  The gentle bobbing, the rocking and rolling when boats pass by, and I didn't even mind getting tossed around on the mooring or in squirly seas.  Tell me it's time to anchor or grab the mooring and I will suddenly disappear.  I have no idea why, but that part has always stressed me out. 

So on my hike I was thinking about how boats say so much about people.  I'm a sailboat kind of woman.  But I like the lines to be smooth.  I don't like the look of boats that have a "chopped" butt.  Don't get me wrong.  I'll get on any boat that's seaworthy, but when I am admiring boats the ones I'm drawn to have beautiful curves.  If I had to pick a motor boat, I like the ones that look like fancy lobster boats.  My friend had a Lyman Morse that I just thought was the sexiest boat ever. 

I watch people sitting at the dock on their boats, grilling hamburgers and ignoring the people they're with.  I see people with kids playing with buckets of water and appearing to truly enjoy family time.  I hear people playing music on their boat.  On the ocean that seems so strange to me.  I like to hear the ocean.  Put me on a lake and the rules in my head change.  I can't make sense of my quirkiness.  It just is.  I like cruising around on boats, but I really like BEING on them.  FIshing off them, exploring islands, docking and having oysters and restocking supplies in little harbors along the Maine coast are some of my favorite things to do. If I'm not on the boat, I'll probably be floating in the water while wearing my lifejacket.  It has to be really freezing for me to stay dry.  I've even been known to float and enjoy my coffee from the water.  It makes it taste even better....

I also love sleeping on a boat.  I used to love being tucked into the small little spaces or snuggled in to a couch that doubled as a bed with the rigging and material keeping me from falling out.  Sigh.  I miss those days.  But I'm feeling a comeback.  I can practicially hear the ocean calling to me and have a few opportunities to get back on it.  I will savor every moment of it! 

I think I have wandered again.  As I was thinking about boats, I thought about some of the people in my past that are boat worthy.  I have a few friends from college that would be fun to be on a boat with.  We all have kids now and it would be a blast watching them all interact.  I have some hockey friends that I used to hang on the lake with, and it would be fun to be silly and whoop it up with them again.  Those were good carefree times, too!  I guess I got what I had to say out.  I wish I was closer to the ocean today.... 

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