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Blog Brain

I see the world in terms of blog potential.  I've never really given much thought to whether or not that's a healthy perspective, but for now it's my reality.  What does that mean?  Well, when I have some crazy or funny or surreal conversation with my son I replay it in my head as a blog post.  I can almost feel it being typed out and sharing it with you. For example.  This past weekend Z and I were hanging out on the hammock, and he started asking me how I met his dad, how long before we kissed, if we picked him to be our kid, why we got divorced, etc.  It was interesting because I've been divorced for over eight years and I got to help Zachary know his 'story."  He listened and asked me a lot of questions until he got bored and left me alone with my thoughts.  And the urge to blog.

When I'm at the grocery store, and someone is grumpy or I bump into someone I haven't seen in years, I want to blog about it.  Sometimes I do!  I find inspiration in when I'm driving, dreaming, eating, playing and working.  But I don't always follow through and get it onto paper (or laptop).  Yesterday I was at a red light and a guy in a white convertible was doing the right thing and using a hands free speaker phone.  The woman he was talking to was clearly not happy with him and used quite colorful language to tell him just how much she didn't trust him and how much of a (fill in the blank) he was.  I was kind of living in his blog, now that I think of it! 

Tonight I did a reading for someone who recently lost a spouse.  They are in the very raw reality of their situation and I'm simply a conduit for them to connect with their loved one in heaven.  He was channeling through me, so I wasn't really present enough to want to write as I was doing the reading, but afterwards I wanted to tell you all how stinking cool it is to help someone when they are spinning and feeling totally alone and lost.  I'm amazed by the experiences I have and someday will write about more of them.  Someday.  Well damn, that makes me want to write a blog about "SOMEDAY."  Why not today?

I guess I'll have to get typing!

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