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Between Heaven and Here

Sometimes when I do a reading a spirit isn't all the way to the other side, which makes it much more challenging for me to "hear" them.  In the grey area, their energy isn't as vibrant as it once was or what it could be if they went fully over.  I do not believe in hell.  We can go through hell on earth, we can die and stay in the space between, or you can find retribution in future lives.  That's another discussion all together.

The first time I really noticed someone wasn't all the way in heaven was during my first reading with an amazing older woman.  There was light about her that just shined and she was quiet, not giving me many details (which I appreciate) and open to what was coming through.  I asked her who the gorgeous young man was.  He looked like Addonis.  To this day I don't even know his real name!  He had golden hair, bronzed body and beautiful muscles.  She said it was her son.  And then I realized he was sitting outside of heaven with an easel and he was painting it.  I was confused.

She said that he had committed suicide, and then pieces started falling into place.  He chose to end his life.  This allowed the people he knew in this lifetime to learn more about themselves on a soul level.  But, he checked out before he had completed all of the lessons he came here for.  So that put him in what I refer to as the "homework club" of heaven.  You're not being punished.  You are,  however, given the opportunity to work with your guides to figure out what you had originally come here for, why it was so difficult, and review opportunities you had to "get it."  And then you can chose to come back and remap your incarnation to help you develop spiritually or you can stay in homework club until you have figured things out.  Then you can go to Heaven.

That being said, some people go straight to heaven because even if they chose to end their life they got what they needed and that traumatic ending was part of someone elses lessons.  So why are some other people kind of stuck in the grey area?  There are too many reasons for me to list here, but I'll tell you the most common ones that I've seen.  People who are busy bodies in life can be the same in the afterlife.  They may think, at the time of their death, that they need to stick around and make sure people are doing the right thing or behaving, so to speak.  Or they don't want to go.  They just want to stay here, sometimes because we beg them to stay.  It benefits everyone if you can find a way to fully let them go.  And then there are the spirits that just didn't realize they actually died.  Those are more of the ghostly energies that I come in contact with. 

Are they stuck forever?  Nope.  I have sent plenty of spirits to the light, and to heaven.  You can, too, simply by telling them this isn't home and asking them to go up to the sun or the stars.  Tell them to go home.  Do this lovingly, firmly and confidently.  I imagine a yellow circle about 7 feet above the floor and always to my right.  It's a one way "portal" that they can go to and get home.  I ask them to go and if they refuse, I do a little bit of negotiating.  Most go willingly.  If they don't, I may ask their favorite pet to meet them at the light and they always reach out and go in for them!  Some look like they're packed for a trip with suitcase in hand, and others run and jump or simply get absorbed into that light.

I'll do another blog on the ways they communicate with us, and ways to make sure you're grounded and protecting your energy.   I could talk about this all day but I have readings to do and dead people to chat with!

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