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Best Wishes

My dear friend Danette just left a job of 26 years to pursue her dream of opening a bakery in MA.  She is opening Delictables by Danette in Plainsville, MA and she is still reeling from her going away gathering that was held at Delaney's Restaurant in North Conway last night.  Over 200 people came out to wish her well.  I am pretty sure she's the only one who was surprised by the outpouring of love she received as a send off to her new career. 

Today as we chatted about the whole thing I commented that it's sort of like being present at your own funeral, minus the morbid stuff.  She laughed and said that is exactly how she described it to someone this morning, and that everyone should get to feel that great while they're still alive.  So this posts short and sweet, and I'll leave you with some food for thought.  What do you want to be remembered for?  Are you kind, loving and generous?  Do you affect people you meet in a positive way?  Do you tell other people how much you appreciate them or what they mean to them, or are you going to wait till you're standing at the grave?  Tell them now.  Let them savor it.  Just because you know how amazing someone is doesn't mean they know it. 

I triple dog dare you.

And Danette, I wish you all the best and am so excited for you! 


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