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Beauty in the Mountains

Last night I took my son to a friends CD release party.  It was pretty much a grown up event, so we stopped in, bought a cd and left about 20 minutes later.  I had told Z that I wanted to go because I'd get to dance with him, and he was the one who made the final decision to go.  It wasn't a dancing crowd so we headed home.  There is a scenic vista rest area in North Conway that has beautiful views towards Mount Washington.  There were a lot of people taking pictures, so I pulled in and told Z to get out of the car.  He asked me why?  What was wrong?  And I said nothing!  We're going to be tourists. 

We got out and took some really fun and silly pictures.  It is absolutely beautiful here.  I was thinking how I know some day I'm going to end up somewhere on the Maine coast, but for now this is a spectacular place to be.  I am blessed and lucky to live here. 

Today is Memorial Day and I'm going to go for a run and be grateful for the breeze that will hopefully keep the bugs from invading my nose, eyes and ears as I fly down the road.  (Um, ya.  I'm really not that fast.)  I'm going to take out my mothers pen and ink pens and try to get an image out of my head that's been floating around in there.  I can see it clear as day but have no idea if it will translate into something tangible.

And I will either be playing in my gardens or joining friends for a bbq.  If I do go I'll be sure to take in all the beauty around me.  The clouds have been spectacular lately and someday I hope to figure out how to paint them! 

This one's a bit of a rambling post.  Let me summarize.

1.  I love where I live and appreciate the beauty of the mountains, trees, rivers, sky and clouds every time I see them.

2.  It's memorial day and I will be thinking of those who have fought for our freedom.  I will also remember all of my loved ones on the other side.  Hi Ma!

3.  My son is awesome.  I love that he is willing to be silly with me and it's those moments I'll cherish forever. 

4.  I have stuff in my head that I need to get on paper.

Enjoy your day!

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