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Back in Time

Have you ever gone somewhere and you know you've been there before?  Maybe not in this lifetime, but BEFORE.  That happened to me today.  I was out at Belgian Meadow Farm (" target="_blank">Belgian Meadows Farm ) in Lebanon, ME.  Last week I visited Ruth Caron, who is an amazing woman and artist who has horses and dogs the size of horses.  She also happens to make delicious pumpkin whoopie pies.  We had been talking about combining her talents (which include felting, pottery, painting and so much more) with my psychic stuff to help people find peace and healing.  Steve, the owner of Belgian Meadow Farms happened to be haying the huge field across from her house and he came by for some whoopie.  Whoopie pie, that is.  (So much fun to say whoopie!)

So today Ellen, Ruth and I met at Steves farm to talk about doing workshops and events there and I chatted with the horses.  He has a cabin in the woods that has an old wood fired cook stove.  He made a bed frame out of smaller trees, there is no electricity and there are lanterns for light.  Just outside the door to the cabin is a fire pit and beyond that the trail winds back around the farm, past a horse cemetery and into the rolling fields.  I stepped back in time. I could have stayed there forever.

Here's the thing.  About 12 years ago, while during a reiki session, I tried past life regression.  One of my lives was out in the west in a covered wagon.  We were leaving a white farmhouse that was surrounded by the greenest grass I've ever seen.  It was just me and my husband, and as we left I looked back and could see through open front door of the house, past the giant wood/cook stove, and out the back door.  We had no children and he raised horses.  We had no family. And we were leaving a place that I did love.

I just looked at the website for this farm and there is a picture of a covered wagon.  I can imagine being back there...  Now here's where it gets weird.  Just before we left today, I had this image of the kitchen in the main house.  I pointed and asked if the kitchen was "there."  I described it.  Steve led me in, but before I even walked in the house I started welling up.  I do again as I type this.  It's the strangest thing!  We walked in and it is the kitchen I have seen in my head. I've seen Z sitting at the kitchen table doing homeword as I cook.  I have seen someone (still no idea who) coming in from the yard using the door just off to the left.  I felt like I was home.

I have seen this kitchen in my head when I think of where I'll land someday.  I've also been in the middle of readings, opened my eyes and fully expected to see that room around me.  Which is just a bizarred thing!  Imagine having this psychic party in your head, which is actually a party within a party because not only did I have to open my eyes to get out of the reading, but then again to get out of this kitchen that I until today I'd ever been in in this lifetime.  Follow that?  Crazy.

So what does all this mean?  I have absolutely no idea.  But I know that I will be doing some amazing things at Belgian Meadow Farm.  I know that standing there with Ruth, Ellen and Steve I felt reconnected with my posse of many lifetimes.  Huh.  Even saying that makes me teary.  I think I just found my new home away from home.  And the energy that is there is something to be shared and experienced.  Stay tuned for details on this one and definitely keep Saturday, November 1st open.  I'll be doing a workhops, readings and leading a ceremony of sorts on honoring your life and transitions within it.  And yes, we'll be in the cabin and hot chocolate with be simmering on the stove above.  I might even cry again. 

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