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Psychic Sara Moore Written by Jennifer Richardson, NESCom 

New England School of Communications

December 2013


“If my eyes are open, I am living in the present moment. When I close my eyes, that’s my on switch. That’s when my brain goes ‘oh, we’re doing the psychic thing’”.  This is how Psychic, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, and Hypnotist Sara Moore separates her job from her every day life. 

Moore grew up in Littleton, Massachusetts with a “witchy” mother who seemed to always know what was going on. It wasn’t until her honeymoon that Moore read the book The Other Side and Back by Sylvia Browne to understand how her mother could do these things. This book is written by a psychic and spiritual teacher, and answers questions about life, death, and spirits. Only a month later, Moore’s mother was killed after being hit by a car.  Moore’s journal entry for that day says, “We never really die”. 

This pivotal moment in Moore’s life got her interested in what happens after we pass away, and she began practicing Reiki and energy work. Reiki is defined by The International Center for Reiki Training as “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”  This technique is available to anyone who is willing to open themselves up and learn how to channel energy.  After her mother passed, Moore got “attuned” with levels one and two of Reiki, to help herself heal and process better. This also helped her with her son. She was able to use the energy with Zack, and help him be quiet in his crib or calm down even if he is in another room.  After practicing with energy in her own home, friends began asking her to help with their animals.  Another big turning point came when a friend’s cat was ready to cross into the afterlife, and she recalls feeling it “so profoundly that I knew it was the right answer.”  At this time in her life, when Moore was just beginning to work with these energies, animals, and people, animals were clicking more with her. 

In the beginning of her career as a communicator, there were times when she didn’t necessarily know that she was giving the correct information.  She says “sometimes it felt like I was making it up,” but when owners of animals told her that her answers were making sense, she learned to go more with her gut, and it was usually the right answer.  Moore decided she wanted to learn more about what she was doing, and took a hypnosis class, where she realized that she was a human psychic as well when she started asking better questions. 

Taking this path has changed Moore’s life and relationships with friends and family. She now has an eight year old son who has learned a lot from his mom.

Z has learned to work with energy and spirits, “I know how to talk to them, too. I know they’re around because they’re my angels.”  He also knows reiki and how to protect his energy, “When I do reiki it feels like energy in my hands.  They feel tingly.  When I do reiki on dogs they lay down and fall asleep.”  

Sara Moore has friends who believe all different things about what she does. Patricia Grant says that she laughed when she first found out what she does, “I was a total disbeliever in all she did.”  After communicating with her mom through Moore, Grant was “blown away”, “I have a completely different perspective now because of her.” 

Another friend, Alexis Jacques says that she has always been very spiritual and open, but her friendship with Moore has changed some of her views.  “Not only do I have new perspectives on communication, but a new respect for every aspect of life and the universe.”  Jacques and many of her other friends agree that Moore has an amazing gift and love what she does with it.  

College student Olivia McCrillis first heard of Sara Moore through a friend, and was skeptical at first.  “I’d always wanted to believe in psychics, but I’d never been able to actually believe, that is until I met Sara.”  McCrillis began believing the same way many others do, “somehow she knew that things in my life had changed considerably.”  McCrillis first spoke to Moore shortly after her parents separated, and her ex boyfriend was at boot camp.  She was also able to help McCrillis’s aunt pass to the other side.  “She never ceases to amaze me.  Of course sometimes I still have my doubts, simply because I don’t want to get my hopes up about something she’s predicted, and have it not come to pass.”  

Sara currently lives in Conway, New Hampshire, but travels to different locations and events to do readings, hypnosis, reiki, past life regression parties, and even teach classes for those who want to learn how to communicate and learn more about controlling their energy.  One of her goals is to bring normalcy to what she is doing, “I’m not sitting in front of a crystal ball, it just is what is it, and I want to get this this message out to the world, I want to have workshops and touch a lot of people when I do this.”    

Moore recently spent a weekend in Kennebunkport at the Colony hotel for the annual Dog Lover’s weekend. She and another psychic Terri Dubay-Santucci held a gallery reading, where many people can get readings for animals or humans.  The beginning of this reading began as all of her readings do with everyone in the room clearing their energy, grounding themselves, and letting “white light” in.  This process is something that is easily done, and she encourages people to do this in different situations as well.  Some let white light in from above them and let it fill themselves and the room, others take their white light and energy from the ground up.  This allows everyone to protect their own energy and only let good things in, as well as call in spirits that they may want to communicate with. Moore also tells those who speak with her that they don’t have to believe anything that she says, “if what we say doesn’t fit, don’t make it fit.”  Something that Moore deals with constantly is people that don’t believe in what she is doing, or don’t understand what she is actually capable of doing. “The biggest [misconception] is that I’m always reading their mind.... I’m not.”  People who can communicate with animals or deal with energies cannot read minds, but are more likely to be in tune with an energy that is “yucky” or sense that they really like someone, and want to know why.  “I can’t read what people don’t want me to know.  Their guides, your protectors will make sure I’m only allowed to know what I’m supposed to know.”  Another misconception is that those who are spiritual are not religious, which can be true, but not always.  Moore was raised catholic, but hated the negativity and fear that the lessons were riddled with, “I’m happy to say that I’m spiritual and my belief in “God” has grown through my psychic senses opening up.”  

Heaven and “passing on” is a very abstract concept, and depends on the person passing on.  “If someone is very religious, when they cross they do see the pearly gates and are surrounded by angels and all of their loved ones over there.”  Someone who has recently passed away has their head bowed and is “almost absorbed into their circle to make the transition easier.”  Some who pass away don’t cross all the way over to their “heaven” or whatever they believe is their afterlife.  This in between area is often referred to as being “in limbo”.  When a spirit is in this state, they are hard to communicate with, but Moore is able to help them pass over by asking their angels to show up, and she opens “a yellow circle of energy about eight or nine feet off the ground.  I tell them it’s ok to go, and ask any of their loved ones on the other side to show up and guide them over.”  

Animals are a bit different, they have no concept of space or time, so when they pass on they are just doing what they love, and they don’t usually say they miss their humans, because it seems like no time at all to them when they see them in heaven.  Pets like to stick around, and love to spook other family animals.  

Something new to Moore is the concept of realms and levels.  “There is the angelic realm which vibrates at a very high, fast frequency.”  For those who understand visually this realm would be up high in the heavens.  “There’s energy that sits below that, which to me feels a bit more gray, but not negative.” There are also earth levels which includes the fairy realm, “this is quick and pixie-like, and they just sort of bounce.”  There are also people who are very grounded  and are locked in place.  This is not necessarily her focus, but something she is just touching the surface of now.  

Sara Moore’s life has been changed by the path that she has taken, but she is just a normal person and enjoys the same things that most people do.  “I love the ocean and going to lakes, I recharge in water.  I hang out with my boy and we have crazy dance parties. I snowshoe, tele-ski and hike.”  Moore used to read all the time, but now writes more, and runs a blog on her website,  “I can just sit on my couch, with no tv or music and realize that I sat there just thinking for hours.”  

She believes that we are all on a journey, we have a destination, and we have lessons that we are supposed to learn along the way.  “We have different paths that we can go down, ultimately we will always choose the right path for us.”  She believes that the path we choose will affect how we achieve our goals, or how quickly, or even who will come into our lives to help us on our journey.  This also ties into her readings, which are based on a moment in time, and can always change.  A concept that she deals with constantly is synchronicity, “when you meet exactly the right person, at exactly the right time.”  Moore realizes that the people and organizations that she’s met have been by chance, but have become part of her family in a way.  

An organization that Moore has had a big effect on is Lucky Pup Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue.  President and co-founder of the rescue, Sue Richardson was connected with Moore about three years ago through a friend.  “We contacted Sara who immediately agreed to do an event with us, and the information she gave us has been invaluable to my own family, foster parents, adopters and volunteers through the rescue.”  Lucky Pup Rescue has had a great partnership with Moore for many years, and she has helped many families find lost dogs, figure out why their animals are behaving certain ways, and has even helped comfort families who have lost a dog. Richardson has appreciated all the help and notes that Moore is a priceless resource who is also “a wonderful and generous rescue advocate, giving of her time and talent”. 

Moore believes that her path is to share this gift with the world, and to show others that they can do it, too.  “I want to get this message out to a broader audience.  I think that this is normal, I think that people are opening up to it, I believe that everyone has the ability to do it, and I think that I’m a billboard for it.”  


For more information about Sara Moore, check her Facebook page Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons or Website, www.enlightened 

Jennifer Richardson, NESCom  New England School of Communications

December 2013


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