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Animal Lessons

This morning I did a reading for a woman and one of her dogs who was still living and one who died two and a half years ago.  At the end she said, "Wow.  I just thought I was going to be asking about food and collars and I had no idea I'd learn so much about myself."  I hear that a lot and I love it!  I spend most of my weekends traveling around and talking to dogs and cats with a few horses here and there.  I might have talked about this before, but it's worth bringing up again.  They are in your life to teach you things.  It could be profound, such as taking a stand for yourself and using your voice, or as gentle as giving you comfort and reminding you that you are worthy of love.

When I do readings on animals I always like to ask why did they pick you.  I don't care if you were the one who saw them first.  They are here for YOU.  There is something you needed on your journey of life that they came here to teach you in some capacity. 

Here are a few examples:

-  Extremely timid woman has a dog that runs up to everyone and says hi!  Totally enthusiastic, keeps pulling her forward and into situations where she has to talk to people.  She has probably had many opportunities in her life to interact, but if she kept avoiding them she got the perfect dog to encourage her and make her try it.

-  Person who is used to getting their way with everything gets a cat who refuses to use the litter box and gives everyone but them attitude.  They call me to find out why that is happening, and I get to point out that the cat is a mirror to them and once the owner realizes how they're affecting other people the cat will probably change as well.

-  Someone has been through trauma, divorce, death, or many life transitions and a dog is there for all of them.  When I ask the dog why they picked them the human realizes that the dogs has provided a constant through all the changes, and now that they're safely across them the dogs can be free to cross.  When this happens I encourage them to realize the dog did it's job extremely well and the passing should be mourned but also celebrated!  Thank them for their support.

-  A horse is stubborn and refuses to do what the rider is asking them to.  As soon as they relax and start to go with the flow the horse seems to behave perfectly.  So.  Where do you think I"m going with this?  Typically the owner is a bit stubborn and rigid themself and they need to realize the harder they resist the more difficult life is.  You're not the only player in this game of life.

Those are just a few examples and I have thousands more I could share with you!  So here's some homework for you.  Think of one of your pets, living or deceased.  How did you feel about them?  How did they react to you?  To others?  What do you need to know from them?  And what did they come here to teach you?

Don't tell me you can't figure it out, just try.  There's no wrong answer and I hope you're open to whatever floats through your brain.  My readings are no different than that.  I ask a question, I have learned to turn off my filter and go with my first impression, thought, feeling or image.  Even if you really think you didn't get anything thank them for all they've taught you.  Good or bad!

Sending you and your pets lots of love,


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