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Anger Turns to Compassion

Good morning!

Yesterday the mother of Caylee Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter.  Regardless if she actually did it or not, it has triggered an avalance of anger as evidenced by the posts I'm reading on Facebook.  Recently another mother was accused of killing her boy and dumping his body in Berwick, ME.  He looked remarkably like my son Zachary and I had to distance myself from the media and the entire situation to avoid being overloaded with the emotions I felt. 

I have learned that we need to learn compassion.  Love.  Empathy.  Kindness for others.  The anger and sadness people are feeling is in a way teaching us a very powerful lesson.  The media hooked some people on the circus surrounding the murder and drawn the nations focus to the trial.  I am pretty disgusted by the voyeristic environment the media offers- because of our demand, no doubt, so shame on us as well as them.  My point is that Caylee and the little boy from Texas are teaching us lessons we need to learn.  I hope that we can all be reminded of the need for us to treat others with compassion, love and kindness.  Those beautiful children are now at peace, and all of the players have been our teachers.  Learn from it.  And make a change to help us realize that we are here for a greater good.


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