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Happy spring!

I have been having so much fun lately and thought I'd share some of it with you.  I have been doing more long distance readings as well as psychic readings on people.  The strangest new thing thats been happening to me is seeing Angels.  I have a friend who sees them, talks to them, prays to them and hears them.  I have to say, if I hadn't met her I never would have believed my own eyes.

When I say that I see them, it's not like they show up behind you and I see them physcially there.  I see them in my mind.  I typically close my eyes when I'm doing a reading, which allows me to see pictures or scenes in my mind.  When I was talking to my friend about her life, I saw two angels holding her up by her arms.  They were white, not too tall or big, and they appeared to be floating over her shoulders.  Again, I couldn't have reached out and stroked their feathered wings, but I could see them in my mind.  She asked if I saw the third one, and when I closed my eyes I saw a very tall, golden angel, wings were more narrow and tucked closer to her body.  She shimmered with an irridencense that I don't have the words to accurately describe and she was a golden peach color.

Whats funny is that is such a foreign concept to me!  I've never really given angels much thought.  Actually, I have been to Europe and seen them painted high in the chapels, but even that didn't make me think that they actually existed.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it all, but I'm excited to know that there's so much good on the other side supporting us on this adventure called life. 

Enjoy these spring days and I look forward to my summer events!


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