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And it keeps going and going....

To those of you who give me encouraging words after reading my posts, thank you!  I just have to say that this week is going down in history for me.  My bizarre happenings over the weekend have continued on and now I'm holding on and going with it!  Have you ever been playing in the ocean about waist deep when a set of good waves come in?  Thelift you off your feet, push you slowly forward and then drop you gently back onto the bottom? Thats how I feel this week.  I'm getting pushed into place and I'm aware that a power bigger than me directing my movements, but also filled with the knowledge of how to get out of a rip tide if I need to.  But it feels peaceful and strange and exciting and incredible.

Yesterday I emailed the Best Friends Rescue that Ellen Degeneres supports.  I have been telling people for about two years that I'm going on her show but I just don't know when.  If you're one of the people I've said are coming with me, figure out what you want to wear and if you feel the need to do a little extra cardio so you're comfortable in front of the camera, here's your heads up!  If you close your eyes can you imagine it? I did.  I was chatting away with her, asking her what the heck took her so long to call me, and out in the audience I saw all the people I know from rescues and shelters as well as others from across the country.  I also saw Zach and the people who have encouraged me to stay on this path.  In the moments I sat there before hitting send were so surreal that I can barely do them justice with words.  I'd have to showe you in emotions, which is tough in a blog.

I'd love to do a segment where I traveled to rescues/shelters and once a week check in with her with a volunteer and animal of the week, then do a bunch of readings and workshops with proceeds going to the animals.  Of course, that means I'll get to stay at a hotel that has soft towels and I don't need to wear waders into the shower; I'd be a sponsored psychic.  Why not, they do it for athletes?!   Oh man that will be nice....  I'm hoping the universe will let me do a quick shout out to the people who told me not to quit my day job.  It should be on while they're all working, so they may miss it. 

Enjoy your weekends and stay tuned!


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