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Amazing Experiences

I have had just come off of the most amazing week and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all.  I was on WHOM 94.9 as a guest host and answered callers questions about their animals.  It was so much fun and they have asked me to come on monthly!  So tune in August 5th from 6am to 8am and call in with your questions.  I've always thought being a dj would be a blast, and it turns out I really enjoy being on the radio.  I even got to do a shout out to Z, which was super cool!

I also did reiki, psychic readings for people and pets, hypnotism and got ready for my online class on animal communicating.  That's not all.  I officiated a wedding Friday in Rockland, ME at the Vesper Hills Children's Chapel!  I met Cassie and Lauren a few years ago through my job and they are just so much fun and have the bet group of friends.  I was psyched to get an invite to the wedding and even more excited to be asked to marry them!  It was a first for me and we worked together to come up with a pretty kick ass ceremony.  I kind of wish I could have been an observer, because it was so surreal to be the one standing up there with them!  It was awesome.  Actually, I don't think a word exists to really describe it. 

From there I went to visit my friend Nanci on Sebago lake, ate lobster, swam and chatted, played a coed hockey game and had a blast and got some bruises, then I helped someone communciate with her husband on the other side and ended the weekend having Thai food for a friends birthday celebration.

I woke up this morning pretty wiped out!!!!  But I wouldn't change a thing because it was spectacular.  I have to say this life is pretty incredible.  I think I've said it before but it just simply amazes me!  When people tell me this better be thier last time around I always think about how I am already looking forward to the next go round. 

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