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All About that Bass

I was thinking about writing a blog the other night while I was making the best lentil soup in the world.  Really.  It's amazing.  But I almost cut my thumb off and thank God my fingernail stopped the blade of the knife before I added an enexpected ingredient!  Thumbkin lentil soup just wasn't what I was going for!  I was going to write a blog about my wedding.  Not the one I had in this lifetime.  One I had many lifetimes ago.  The one that I was wearing a corset, a gorgeous dress made of pure spun silk, in an ancient castle with the rooms heated by fire places and the horses outside clearly excited just because they could feel the high energy of a day worth celebrating.

And then I almost cut my thumb off, so I didn't really get to type it up.

The next day I almost cut the top of my pinky finger off when I opened a can of wet cat food.  Which, by the way, I'm pretty disgusted by but my kitty is so skinny and he loves being outside!  So I was alright with bulking the poor little guy up.  And then  SLICE!  He's had dry ever since. 

So right now I'm listening to Pandora Radio as my son and his friend play upstairs.  The song All About the Bass came on and I blasted it.  He stuck his head out and said, "Really, Mom?"  Yes.  Really.  I love this song.  Why?  I love that it talks about curves being sexy.  I love that it has an upright bass sound to it.  I love the sound- period.  Here is a version that I think is fabulous, especially once she gets past the first few lines. 

I hope this link works.   Have you ever heard a song, or watched a movie with a certain time period, and thought that you should have been there?  I could have been in that wedding I was telling you about before.  I often feel very out of place in this lifetime.  I like watching Interview with a Vampire because I'm pretty sure I've been there.  Well, minus the vampire stuff.... But that time just makes my heart long to go back. 

For now I'll be grateful I have a wood stove that I can light when my house gets chilled.  I can go to my fridge when I'm hungry.  I know that my son will always get medical care, otherwise I can't even wrap my head around the consequences. 

That being said, I'm happy to be here.  I'm all about that bass. 

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