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A much better day

Its rare that I post two days in a row, but it's worth following up on all the stuff that happened yesterday!  If you haven't read it, stop here, take a look and then come back on board.  I'll wait for you!

(insert musical song of your choice while I wait)

Quite a day, huh?  Well, today was the polar opposite thank god. I moved my booth to a more visible spot, had about 15 or 16 readings and think this day will go down in history as a GOOD DAY for me.  Thanks to everyone who came for a chat, to those who rocked my world in one way or another and for reminding me that I absolutely love my life right now. 

Here's what I learned today:

I need to trust.  I am being watched over and will be given all the tools I need when I need them.  I am a teacher and I love helping people discover their gifts and how to use them safely.  If everyone could be compassionate the world will change for the better.  People like to have someone else validate what they already know, myself included. If you shatter your taillight and maul part of you car one day but have a really great next day, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.  There are people who command their dogs and there are people who work with their dogs.  I prefer the latter.  I find the little tan lines from sunglasses that run along the temple sexy.  I can't pick lottery numbers, but I'm pretty good at guessing the distance dogs will jump.  I find it peaceful at the end of a crazy weekend to be alone in my quiet  house.  I want to live closer to the ocean someday.  I am grateful for those who help, support and encourage me.

Wow.  That's a lot of lessons today!  But it's been a GOOD DAY and I'm excited for more like it.  Thanks to all of you again, and I'd love to get some updated testimonials!  You can email them to me at and attach pictures, too.


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