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A day in the life

What do psychics do for fun?  I can't answer for all of us, but I can give you a glimpse into my life if you'd like.  Today was the only day of the month that I am able to sleep in.  I either have my son (who likes to wake up before 6am most days), readings, or am driving to gigs all the other days of the month.  So today I woke up around 6:30am, looked at the clock, smiled and wrapped up even tighter in my down comforter and dozed off and on until 9:30am.  I checked my email and some facebook while in bed, then got up and showerd.  I had put fresh sheets on the bed last night so I really did have a hard time justifying getting up.  Because tonight they won't be fresh sheets.  They'll just be plain 'ol sheets. 

I asked a few of my psychic friends if they could help me figure out what gave me a really red and itchy rash on my face.  I think we've narrowed it down to my sunblock but I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow just to be safe.  I'm not feeling very pretty.  Pretty itchy, yes!   But not pretty....

Then I went and had a very interesting chat with a little boy with severe food allergies.  We went for a walk and I asked him what he missed eating the most.  He said eggs.  So we did some visualization with the yellow yolk color spreading through his belly and body, healing anything that is preventing him from enjoying them.  We did that with some other foods and it was fascinating!  Then I asked him who he was before he was himself in this life.  I asked and then immediatley asked him what kind of hat he was wearing and if he was a man or a woman.  Without hesitation he said he was a man with a top hat.   He felt ok in that body, but that man's belly hurt, too.  We surrounded that man in light and tossed him up to heaven.  We did this a few more times with other energies, which I associated with past lives for him, and each time we tossed them all the way to the sun and to heaven.  It was a blast!  Then we got back to his house and I did some reiki on him. 

When I do reiki my hands buzz, like they're falling asleep or like I just rubbed them togehter.  This little boys energy made my hands super buzzy!!!!  I asked if he wanted angels to help, and he said no.  He just wanted God.  So God showed up to help.  Before I left I told him how I help Z fall asleep by inviting in angels and god, his grandparents in heaven, and then shared the visualization of the clouds floating over and then filling his body with light and love.  He giggled and he and his mom said they'd try it tonight.

The thought that this could be a way to help him release the allergies and be a healthy little kid is amazing!!!!  I was feeling pretty peaceful after that home visit and went to the grocery store, where I spent way too much money but it felt good to get some fresh food in my fridge.  The hard part about being on the road a lot is that I do like to cook and lately I've been slacking in that area.  So I came, home, checked emails again, went for a short run, and cooked up some home made potato salad like my mom used to make, and grilled some steak tips that I bought.  I could very easily never eat meat again and not miss it, but every now and then I want a piece of barely cooked meat.  Tonight was one of those times and it was fantastic!  It was also empowering because I cooked it perfectly, and when I was married I don't think I ever touched the grill.  Even after seven years, it still makes me feel like a badass when I grill something perfectly.

And now, you find me here.  I'm sitting on the couch, the sun has set and the lights are still not on, so my house is barely lit with hues of blue and peach from the spring sky.  I have Pandora radio on and am rocking out as I share my day with you.

I think it's really a pretty normal life!  I forgot to mention that two people I saw in Portland yesterday for hypnosis for weight loss let me know how awesome they felt today!  They are both very aware that they dropped emotional baggage and are already making healthy choices.  Both of them exercised last night, and neither have had any desire to eat "crap."  I guess sometimes what I do is spectacular.... Which makes this normal life pretty extraordinary some days!

There you have it.  A day in the life of a psychic.  A day in the life of Sara Moore.

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