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It's been years since I have had someone in my life to come home to.  A LOT of years, actually!  And for the most part I've actually enjoyed the silence or being with my boy Z on my "on" weeks.  I've been on the road and very busy the past most of October and  I got hom Tuesday night after being in Porland Monday/Tuesday.  My kitty Casper decided to join me in the warm house and has been all over me since Wednesday morning.

I know cats are typically the kind of creatures that demand your attention when they want it, irregardless of what you have been focusing on at that moment.  Capser is no exception.  He's been meeting me at the door, sleeping either right by my head or tucked in by my feet, "helping" me down the stairs, tying to stick his nose into anything that I'm making in the kitchen and throwing himself between me and my laptop.  He is my Mr. this week.

Now here's the unfortunate part.  I need to go outside and get more firwood for tonight and tomorrow, and he's not going to help me with that.  Unelss he joins me outside and gets in the way.  Not helpful.  He's not going to make my oatmeal or bring me a cup of coffee in bed.  He's certainly not going to do the laundry or pack my bag for the upcoming weekends adventures.  Nor is he going to cook up the chicken dish I'm already craving for dinner Saturday.  And you know what?  That's alright. 

Now let me tell you why.  It's pretty great to feel loved.  He loves me unconditionally.  He prefers to have a full bowl of food but when it's empty and he's made his point through cringe worthy cries, he forgets that I was a slacker and he throws his love at me.  Yes, I said Throws.  He is such a little boy but he also can stretch out and take up the whole table or bed.  And he lands with a thud when he tosses himself onto his side so I can rub his creamsicle colored belly.  It's awesome.

For now, I'm content with the love fest as it is.  Someday maybe I'll open the door for a human.  Maybe.  I'm smiling as I say that, because it's a new thought but an intriguing one!  (I just reread this and realized I didn't include the true reasons you want to be with someone you love. Interesting. I'm a work in progress.)

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