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Hope:  n., v., 1.  The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well.  2.  A person or thing in which expectations are centered.  3.  Something hoped for  4.  To look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence  5.  To believe or trust:  I hope you will be happy  6.  To have hope

That definition is from the red bound Webster's Dictionary.  I really only have it to debate words in boggle, but today I pulled it from the dusty shelf to see what Mr. Webster had to say about Hope. 

One of the gifts we are giving on our journey in this lifetime is the gift of hope.  You have it, you just may not have unwrapped it in a while.  Go for it.  Reach into your pocket, or your closet, or the the recesses of your mind and find HOPE.  It makes life a little more glorious and easy to face when the going gets tough.

What if the tough isn't really tough?  What?  Yeah, I think I just confused myself there.  What if it only seemed tough?  And that it was all quite easy because whatever you are going through it exactly what you need to experience?  Don't start swearing at your computer.  I agree, it's not always fun.  But I do have hope.  It has gotten me to here.  It has trumped fear on many occasions and I do believe it's something I'm getting better at embracing.  I have hope for myself, for you, for us, for the world.  That's a lot of hope, huh?  Yeah.  It is.  But it's just like the spark of light that is in each and every one of us; it's available to you if you just unwrap it and put  it to use. 

I just pulled a card while asking how can we find hope when it seems just out of reach?  Here's what jumped out of the deck. 

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